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Krist Mort [feat. Lamia Vox]

CD+Book Inlumaeh [limited]

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label: Cyclic Law

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Standard Edition of 450 copies in Book Format: 7x10" (18x25 cms) with deluxe Cover in Gold Foil Debossing on textured Hardbound cover. 90 pages. Matte varnish. CD: Gold Foil Debossing on Sleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 20:40 It is with great enthusiasm that C.W. presents its first book project, released under the new division, Cyclic Press. This first publication presents the unique work of Austrian analog photographer KRIST MORT. Inlumaeh relates to the connection and interaction of light and darkness. Where there is illumination a shadow is always cast and therefore all shadows originate in light. It is which these singular precepts that Krist Mort tackles her photographic work. Focusing on the darker and more somber aspects of life, as well as the beautiful and fragile side of death and the unknown, her pictures showcase the cycle of death and rebirth and also the cycle of creation and destruction, perpetually moving on in its oppressive beauty. Beauty and death, light and darkness, invocations and spirits are the foundations on which she creates her evocative imagery. The book comes with an exclusive audio CD by Russian esoterist LAMIA VOX. 3 unique ritualistic pieces were channeled to accompany Krist Mort's visions, adding a deeply mystical aural dimension to the visual work. Book Design by trineogkim.no


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