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MCD "In the Name of Violence [limited]"

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label: Out of Line

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Limited 999 copies! Mexico attacks (again…)! Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam have become synonymous with electronic aggression for more than two decades. On their new maxi, the two lash out as relentlessly and harsh as in their early days. “In the Name of Violence”... listening to Hocico's brand new EP, one will easily agree that the title “is not just a name”: What emanates from the speakers is pure, electronic violence. It is almost hard to believe that this music comes from a band that had been genre-defining for more than twenty years, so fresh, punky, brash and furious is the sound of the title track and the b-side “Silent Crow.” But then Hocico have always kept their inner fires burning and the world dishes up enough new shit that is worthy of channeling wrath unto with each and every new day to provide them with eternal fuel for sonic combustion. To make it short: “In the Name of Violence” will up the ante for the international Hard-Electro-community, yet again. The new maxi also contains four very versatile remixes of the title song: the clubby Sex-O-Sex-version from Hocico themselves, a DJ-friendly mix from Faderhead, a noise-inferno from Xotox and an experimentally groovy version by Colts. Perfect material for wrecking your local dance floor! Unleash the violence!

01. In the Name of Violence, 02. Silent Crow, 03. In the Name of Violence (Hocico’s Sex-O-Sex version), 04. In the Name of Violence (Faderhead Remix), 05. In the Name of Violence (XOTOX Remix), 06. In the Name of Violence (Colts Remix)

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