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Grausame Töchter

CD "Glaube Liebe Hoffnung"

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Hardly any band made waves in the scene as quickly as Aranea Peel's North German all girl formation. Since Aranea performed as Satan with horns up to now, the new album's title “Glaube Liebe Hoffnung” (Faith Love Hope) could lead to the assumption she had been reformed. Of course, this is not the case. The title song already clarifies her preference for the sensual here and now over an unseizable hereafter. The minimal 80s retro song “Lust und Tod”, as well as the almost pop-rocky Song “Mensch und Tier” confirm this. Some, however, not all attributes of the total work of art “Grausame Töchter” can be described as trenchantly sarcastic or wryly derisive, evil, wild, brute, and self-depreciating. Grausame Töchter continue their individual and unique path. Their stylistic wide range sets them apart from the goth scene's monotony remarkably. The band calls their style dark electro punk, which is probably the most accurate description overall. Contrary to many other bands in the goth scene, they shine through their innovativeness. Additionally, front woman Aranea Peel is without equal. Optically, as well as vocally Aranea wows all along the line, she sings Brecht Chanson style (Verlassen), punkish-shrill (Ich bin Gott, bete und arbeite), melodic-pathetical (Tränen in einer toten Welt), erotically (Quid pro Quo), declamatorically (Solipsismus), rocky (Mensch und Tier) or just with understatement (Lust und Tod). "Glaube Liebe Hoffnung" is an individual album, without comparison and serves a lot more than simple entertainment.

01. Glaube Liebe Hoffnung, 02. Lust und Tod, 03. Verlassen, 04. Solipsismus, 05. Mensch und Tier, 06. Tränen in einer toten Welt, 07. Fic*en ist ein schlimmes Wort, 08. Blutwalzer, 09. Se* in Latex, 10. Zukunftsvision, 11. Bete und arbeite, 12. Quid pro quo, 13. Wie eine Hyäne, 14. Paradies, 15. Ich bin Gott

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