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CD "Urbärglieder [+ Bonus]"

Artikel-Nr.: 01629016
label: Auerbach

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Fräkmündt's 2010 debut, on which the erstwhile trio already did the splits between gaudy folk songs, emotional ballads and legends accompanied with music. The new edition on Auerbach Tonträger contains extensive liner notes as well as the track "Hofbrandzauber", which has been available only on the demo tape "Losid vo Bärge ond Tal" so far.

01. D'Jagd a dä Rigi, 02. Wuotisheer, 03. Die alte Schwyzer, 04. Mondmöuchloch, 05. Karfriitigsfüür, 06. Herbschtmanet, 07. Sennetuntschi, 08. Simelibärg, 09. S'Gspeischterhuus vo Stans, 10. Lozärner Totetanz, 11. Wörmer, 12. De Stier vo Uri, 13. Tüüfusbrogg, 14. Beresinalied, 15. Soubannerzog, Bonus-Track: 16. Hofbrandzauber

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