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CD "Uufwärts e d’Föuse [+ Bonus]"

Artikel-Nr.: 01629013
label: Auerbach

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Fräkmündt's second release is a conceptional mini album about a mountain hike in the Swiss Central Alps. This re-release comes with extensive liner notes and an eccentric cover version of Mayhem's "Chainsaw Gutsfu*k" (‘Chettesaagijuchz’ in Swiss German…) as a bonus.

01. Aupsäge, 02. Uufwärts e d'Föuse, 03. S'nachtet Y, 04. S'Schyne, 05. Höttehöck, 06. Stouz ond Frey, 07. Bärgtröim, Bonus-Track: 08. Chettesaagijuchz (Mayhem cover)

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