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Daily Planet

CD "Two"

Artikel-Nr.: 00905610
label: Progress Productions

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1996 this duo released their classic album "The Tide" via Energy Rekords in 1996. The band made themselfs a name with hits like "Milky Way" (1995) and "Radioactive Love" (1996). Then... Silence.... until now. 18 years later... Daily Planet returns! The album has been given the name "Two" and Jarmo Ollila and Johan Baeckstrom have not lost their stunning feeling for producing electronic popmusic in style. Production, melodies, harmonies and vocals... everything is at worldclass standard. This album is a feast for all fans of projects such as Yazoo, Erasure, Human League and similar! PURE Electro/Synthpop like it’s meant to sound!

01. Forgiven, 02. Fragile, 03. Afraid, 04. Stay With Me, 05. World In Grey, 06. Belong, 07. Precious Time, 08. Alone, 09. Trust, 10. Nobody’s Friend, 11. Orbit

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