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CD "Keep Your Silence"

Artikel-Nr.: 00891010
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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The second album from UK act CYFERDYNE, initial quantities in 4-panel digipak with exclusive remixes from ASSEMBLAGE 23, PHOSGORE and AESTHETIC PERFECTION! “Keep Your Silence” demonstrates the depth of development in both sound and songwriting one would expect from a second album, straddling the line between satisfying fans of the band’s debut “Genesys” and those seeking something more. And “more” it certainly is, in all respects - taking CYFERDYNE into leaner, cleaner and more polished production territory. More commercially-accessible, while still retaining measures of the edge and aggression evident in their earlier material. A quintessentially British sound reminiscent in parts of MESH or DEPECHE MODE on tracks like “Numb” and “Weak”, not merely in terms of vocals but also the plaintive synthpop melodies. In the more minimal arrangements of “Keep Your Silence” Steven Houghton’s voice has never sounded more vulnerable nor so authoritative now that he is singing solo. Catchy club classics like album-openers “Cables And Codes” (the single exception to the GARY NUMAN-esque one-word titles of the rest of the tracklist) and “Jigsaw” with its nods to DETROIT DIESEL here rub shoulders with the radio-friendly “Numb”, the perfect-pop of “Fracture” and the epic “Clockwork” – which embraces sonic elements of NINE INCH NAILS and displays CYFERDYNE’s rockier side, also represented in tracks like “Glass” and "Escape"… More melodic and melancholic than “Genesys”, “Keep Your Silence” has an accomplished and assured feel that belies its status as the sophomore outing of a young band still creating a signature sound. The CD-version of “Keep Your Silence” comes with 3 bonus tracks – remixes from no less than this year’s Saturday night headliner for the DWA-sponsored Resistanz Festival ASSEMBLAGE 23, last year’s Saturday night headliner AESTHETIC PERFECTION and a brutal beatdown from PHOSGORE. Strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

01. Cables And Codes, 02. Jigsaw, 03. Disease, 04. Glass, 05. Weak, 06. Clockwork, 07. Prayer, 08. Escape, 09. Numb, 10. Fracture, 11. Visions, Bonus tracks: 12. Cables And Codes (PHOSGORE Remix), 13. Jigsaw (ASSEMBLAGE 23 Remix), 14. Numb (AESTHETIC PERFECTION Remix)

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