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CD "Biest"

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label: Dark Dimensions

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In spring 2013, their so far latest album "Asgard" set new standards in the band's history. With a new and enhanced live show, the insatiable appetite for dancing masses, popping bass lines and haunting melodies was unleashed to the world like Thor's hammer to crush the skull of the Midgard Serpent! Playing festivals (WGT, Amphi, E-tropolis, DMF), tours and concerts around the world (USA, Mexico, Russia, Europe) further increased sales figures and worldwide success! Now, the martial succession of Asgard appears in autumn 2014 with the new album "Beast". Each track comes with pure power down on the dance floors of the world. Centhron make it still brutally hard on the nordic way - rough and straight - upright in the storm! The north gods are crying for hearing, war, sex. Under the banner "War of Gods, horny and sick"!

01. Feuer und Fleisch, 02. War of God, 03. Valkyria, 04. Fimbulwinter, 05. Heorod, 06. Porn*queen, 07. Vatican Fu*k, 08. Nordmann, 09. Fenris, 10. Biest, 11. Hate of the Aztec, 12. Berserk, 13. Reich

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