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12" "Asche zu Asche [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 00645012
label: Out Of Line

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Riding on a wave of powerful electronic beats, dark and slightly distorted vocals and the exquisite fusion of club sounds, a sinister atmosphere and an anthemic melody, the band of charismatic singer and musician Chris Pohl pays tribute to its own roots with a massive floor filler that reinvokes the feeling of the early days with a modernized reinvention. Serving as an appetizer for the upcoming new Blutengel-album “Omen” (scheduled for 2/2015) the new single is 100% classic Blutengel-club-fare, but graced by the fine production standards that we have come to expect from the band in recent years. A seamless fusion of the past and the present, “Asche zu Asche” is the ideal release to kick off the celebrations for the seminal group's 15th anniversary. With the emotional and melodic “Insensitive World”, the group has provided a killer b-side exclusive to this release and the title track will be included in a single-edit plus 2 searing bass-heavy remixes. This spectacular homage to the group's early days will not only appeal to diehard Blutengel-fans but is also a perfect introduction to the dark side if club culture for the uninitiated. Dance with your darkness … with Blutengel!

01. Asche zu Asche, 02. Asche zu Asche (Extended Dust Devil Mix), 03. Asche zu Asche (Gintronic Remix), 04. Insensitive World

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