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Aeon Sable

CD "Visionaers"

Artikel-Nr.: 00332010
label: Solar Lodge

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AEON SABLE do not believe in divine redemption, salvation or other religious promise. Din-Tah and Nino Sable, the Argonauts behind AEON SABLE, are cosmic visionaries traversing their very own unique world with their elegiac Post-Goth-Sound. At times impulsive, another time perched, sometimes rough and raw, then gentle and suave - but always filled with visions. “We can see the future” is the cry and its easy to buy into such notions. “Visionaers” paints an unsettled image of our existence in this world and in the afterlife; enchanting and frighteningly real in equal measure. Lust, ecstasy, death, demons, volition, magic, drugs: behind it all a glimmer of hope for a better world! AEON SABLE’s lyrics inspire and appeal to combat darkness and despair of the present. The impulsive pressure stems from the Duality for therein lies the power and magic which strengthens the human will. The musical perspective of “Visionaers” is equally powerful. Flush guitar riffs, driven bass lines and floating soundscapes form the album’s corset. With “Visions” and “Star Casualties” the visionaries have managed to burn two bona-fide underground-club anthems onto the disc. "Visions On Ears”, listen to the visions, for they are everywhere! Can you hear them?

01. Dawn Of An Era, 02. Visions, 03. Quaalude Tango, 04. Transmigration (stormed), 05. Star Casual Ties, 06. Black Swan, 07. A Serpente e o Andarilho

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