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We are interested in keeping your privacy while you are visiting our sites. Therefore we only use and survey your private data following the “Telemediengesetz” (TMG). In the following paragraphs we would like to inform you which data we are going to survey and how we are going to use it.

Anonymous data ascertainment
As a basic principle you can visit our sites without telling us who you are. We only receive information about your internet provider, the name of the website you are visiting us from and the name of our site you are visiting. This information is only used for statistical reasons. You as a user remain completely anonymous.

Survey and processing of personalised data
Personalised data is only processed on your agreement, e.g. by filling out contact forms. Your registry data is only used (on your agreement) for contact reasons between you and BLACK RAIN media group and for shipping details / invoicing for products you ordered in our shop.

Export and processing of data in states not part of the European Economic Area (EEA)
There is no export of data to states not being part of the EEA.

Use and circulation of personalised data
All information collected on BLACK RAIN media group websites is only used without your permission to process your enquiries and for shipping / invoicing reasons. Personal data is only used for individual advertisment on your permission. No information will be contracted out. In any case you can cancel this permission at any time. In case we are legally bound we have to give out and transmit your personal data.

SSL Encryption – safety for online transactions
To protect you as our customer we use certificated encrypting technologies. By using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections your data is encrypted and invisible for third parties. You can be sure that your data is only transmitted to our server.

What does SSL mean?
As soon as you enter our SSL encrypted site, your internet browser will validate our server certificate via "TC TrustCenter for Security in Data Networks GmbH". By observing this data your browser can check if you are connected to the server you addressed to. If this process succeeds your personal data will be transmitted to the internet via a safe 128-bit encryption.

How do I identify a SSL-encryption?
In each process of entering personal data like passwords, logins and so on we use SSL-encryption. During this connection, there will be a small “lock” icon in the bar of you browser. In addition to that your URL changes from "http" in "https". This is evidence for complete privacy of your data.

BLACK RAIN media group only uses one cookie on the homepage, which is responsible for functionality of shopping cart and management of your user account. This cookie will be deleted after your visit on our homepage (respectively after shutting down your browser).

External links
You will find external links on our homepage that lead to websites of third parties. Our terms of privacy do not apply for these sites of course.

For further information and contact to take back your agreement on our use of your data, to apply for rectification, blockage or cancellation please refer in writing to:

BLACK RAIN media group GmbH
Neukirchner Str. 21 g
09116 Chemnitz

Fax: 0049-(0)371-3899450

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