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Basically, we are always interested in listening to new stuff. BUT!

Be careful, it is not always the best thing to send the very first output to a label. The first songs are mostly not convincing enough for a label. A band should really use its period of "growing" and therefore send more perfect songs. The more professional and "grown" a production is, referring to sound, lyrics, concept and design, the more chances the band will have. A demo really should represent yourselves and should really be convincing about what you want. It is a mistake to think, that a label is the best way to produce ones own mediocre sound! So think twice when it is really useful to send your demos around the world. Once a label has kept in mind a bad demo of a band, a second demo will have much less chances.

It is quite useless to produce a demo with two or three songs, because there you can´t get an overview on the bands supply. We definitely have no time to download mp3s from web pages or to receive mails with mp3s. These emails will be deleted without any mercy! But we accept links to Soundcloud and Bandcamp sites, it´s also a good way to get a first impression.

Sad but true: 90% of all incoming demos are crap. So let us face the truth: we are not able to give appropriate respond to all sent demos. But be sure, in case we are really interested we will definitely drop you a line. You will have to send CD-Rs to the address which is given in "contact". And please label the cds in a correct way!

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