· Releases of Black Rain and Ars Musica Diffundére

CD Dexy Corp_ "Uchronopolis"
(Black Rain Records / BR 075)

The French Industrial rockers DEXY CORP_ suprise with their new album "Uchronopolis", a straight diesel punk concept album. Taking its roots from books and movies such as 1984, V for Vendetta, Dark City or Brazil, UCHRONOPOLIS takes us through the streets of a mystical city where different factions are struggling for control while a strange humanoid creature is at war to find the secret of its humanity. Puppeteering its characters in the city just as in Voltaire´s Candide, DEXY CORP_ are attacking the codes and thoughts processes from totalitarian societies in order to question the place of the individual in our post modern global society. The Story: "In the gigantic State City of Uchronopolis, Ysokras Salocin and the Nova Corp rule the 13 districts of pipes and steam with a fist full of steel. An anti-governmental group of activists called the Black Flash and its mysterious leader Nero are the only ones to rise against the dictatorship, ignoring the curfews and restrictions imposed on entertainment and freedom of speech. Feeling the wind turning a few decades ago, a brilliant philosopher and achieved scientist submitted a solution to the social struggles based on his research in the cybernetic field. He then was considered a dangerous man and vanished in the desert where he built a massive bunker lab." Through out this original story, the band keeps on hammering its very own blend of cyberpunk metal but now combines this sound with diesel punk ambiant works! Darker than the previous one, this album will take you into a role playing game and push you to take a major decision just as Key will have to do: support the Nova Corp, the powerful entity from Uchronopolis driven by Ysokras Salocin or join Tyler in the clandestine resistance with the Black Flash and Nero, their mysterious leader! DEXY CORP_ already warned us once about our future, this is now time for you to choose a side!

track list:
01. Welcome to Uchronopolis / 02. Black Flash / 03. Tainted Cortex / 04. Revenge / 05. Totalitarize Me / 06. The Great Parade For Monkeys / 07. Birth / 08. Ex-Utero / 09. Exodus / 10. Exile / 11. Day Of The Hatred / 12. Lockdown / 13. No Tears / 14. Nero´s Dream / 15. Hyber-Nation / 16. Uchronopolis


7" coloured Vinyl Nude/Sabotage "Souvenir"
(Black Rain Records / BR 074)

Back in 1995, nobody was able to escape Sabotage q.c.q.c.´s ingenious song "Souvenir" - every club had this song in it´s heavy rotation list. Unfortunately, 15 years later, this band doesn´t exist anymore. But both masterminds of Sabotage q.c.q.c., Marc W. and Isabelle Geh, tour the world with their new band NUDE. It is their special sound, made of Bass´n´Drum, Big Beat but also Electro and EBM elements, that makes it hard to press this band into any category. At 15th Elektrisch Festival in Zwickau (Germany) they will perform "Souvenir" for the first time in an exclusive NUDE live-version. So what´s the best thing we could do to honor this event? Black Rain will release the exclusive "Souvenir" 7 inch-edition (containing both versions of the classic), which is strictly limited to 500 copies.

track list:
side A: NUDE “Souvenir”
side B: SABOTAGE “Souvenir”


12" Picture Vinyl Apoptygma Berzerk "7"
(Black Rain Records / BR 072)

Classics on vinyl! Get all the classic masterpieces on vinyl from Black Rain, the label from Chemnitz. After Welle Erdball, Feindflug and Nitzer Ebb, the 1996 Apoptygma Berzerk jewel "7" will be relased in early August as picture LP, strictly limited to 500 copies and numbered. A classic hit album featuring all the famous tracks like "Love Never Dies", "Deep Red" and "Non-Stop Violence" which rocked the dancefloors back in 1996. Now it is time to honour this musical masterpiece with a new face in vinyl.

track list:
side A (22:17): 01. Love Never Dies Part I / 02. Mourn / 03. Non-Stop Violence / 04. 25 Cromwell St.
side B (24:17): 05. Rebel / 06. Deep Red / 07. Nearer / 08. Half Asleep / 09. Love Never Dies Part II


Digital EP Vigilante "Prison Break"
(Black Rain Records / BR 071)

Advance digital single for the upcoming album "The New Resistance". Powerful sound by South Americas best Industrial Rock band, here as a collaboration with Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip).

track list:
01. Prison Break (featuring Leaether Strip) / 02. Prison Break (FGFC820 Remix) / 03. Prison Break (Live) / 04. Bonus-Video: Prison Break


12" Picture Vinyl Nitzer Ebb "Industrial Complex"
(Black Rain Records / BR 070)

By releasing the exclusive picture vinyl edition of Nitzer Ebb´s album "Industrial Complex", Black Rain continues the successful vinyl series, which already had some great and well-known predecessors like Welle Erdball, Feindflug, Die Perlen and more. This Nitzer Ebb picture vinyl is strictly limited to 500 numbered copies. As a special bonus, you will find an exclusive FEINDFLUG-remix of the Nitzer Ebb-track "Once You Say" - a song featuring the background voice of Martin Gore!!! When Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris formed a band in 1982 and started to record their first demos, they didn´t yet know that they were writing music history. Their sound was raw and unpolished, an electronic adaptation of the dying punk movement. With minimal funding, drums, a sequencer and McCarthy´s penetrating voice, they quickly came to stand as a synonym for a significant new musical genre: Electronic Body Music (or EBM for short). Through seminal albums such as "That Total Age", "Belief" and "Ebbhead", they continued to beat their own unique path, until they parted company after ten years. However, this was not the end and recent reunion shows have proven that there is life still in the old ghost. As brilliant and relevant today as ever, they are now back with a brand new studio album, "Industrial Complex". Opening with a rousing bassline, reminiscent of the wonderful "Murderous", the opening track "Promises" sets the tone. McCarthy´s voice varies from offensive to fragile, with an arrangement rich in detail, edginess and energy. This album is like a bridge back in time to the 80s. Without doubt, this is the work of NITZER EBB, with the same level of complexity that characterises all their work, traversing the years to create a new modern sound for the present.

track list:
side A (22:55): 01. Promises 3:50 / 02. Once You Say 3:41 / 03. Never Known 3:58 / 04. Going Away 4:10 / 05. Hit You Back 4:19 / 06. Payroll 2:57
side B (24:18): 07. Down On Your Knees 3:52 / 08. I Don’t Know You 3:12 / 09. My Door Is Open 3:15 / 10. I Am Undone 3:51 / 11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2:57 / 12. Traveling 3:13 / 13. Once You Say 3:58 (Remixed by Feindflug)


12" Picture Vinyl - Feindflug "Kollaboration - Reprise"
(Black Rain / BR 069) - SOLD OUT!

Re-release of the cult vinyl by Feindflug with seltom remixes and a new track, limited edition of 34 copies (handnumbered + extra poster).

side A:
1. Kopfschuss [rmx by Killing Ophelia]
2. Leitbild [rmx by Ivy Cyclone]
3. Selbstsucht [Judgement Day mix by Jesus and the Gurus]
4. Geständnis [rmx by I.P.X.]
5. Feindflug [rmx by Feindflug]

side B:
1. Roter Schnee [rmx by davaNtage]
2. Faustrecht [rmx by Polarlicht 4.1]
3. Tötungsmaschine Mensch [Dead Man Dancing rmx by Tactical Sekt]
4. Schmerzgrenze [rmx by Feindflug]
5. Leitbild [Speed Mix by Feindflug / 1997]


CD Dandelion Wine "All Becompassed By Stars"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 021)

Dandelion Wine´s latest album "All Becompassed By Stars" takes the increased energy and danceability of 2008´s "Selected Anachronisms" to our new level of intensity, whilst simultaneous featuring some of the band´s most ethereal and beautiful work to date. The result is an album of extremes, with a distinct dichotomy between the pounding beats of songs such as "Gravity" and the delicate acoustic flourishes of "Early Warning Sign" or the ambient textures of "Seven Times As Bright". However, even amid the most intense songs, the band´s trademark use of medieval and world instruments is still clearly evident, with dulcimers, bell cittern and flutes ringing out over the fat analogue synths, big beats and cranked guitars. While the band have frequently flirted with non-western rhythms over the years, on "All Becompassed By Stars" these rhythms come to the fore, with layers of Indian, Middle Eastern and African percussion driving many of the songs. Adding to the Australian duo´s usual array of unconventional instrumentation are the bell cittern (a late-medieval 12 string instrument akin to the mandolin) and sansula (a German variation of the African kalimba or thumb piano). Perhaps the biggest change in approach for this album is simply one of location and environment. While all previous Dandelion Wine releases were recorded in the band\'s hometown of Melbourne, Australia (with "Selected Anachronisms" being recorded in the middle of a particularly intense Australian summer), "All Becompassed By Stars" was recorded in the snow Berlin winter. The duo set up a temporary studio in an apartment in Kreuzberg in Berlin´s inner west and proceeded to record the album surrounded by snow and ice with a frozen canal just out the window - a far cry from the orange glow of bushfire that hangs over Melbourne in recent summers. Also impacting on the writing and recording of this album is the three years of near constant touring that Dandelion Wine have been doing since the release of 2006´s “An Inexact Science”. With numerous tours through Australia, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, France, UK, Portugal and Switzerland, the band´s live shows have been growing steadily more intense and this is reflected in increased energy and manic guitar work of tracks such as "Gravity", "Shards" and "Nowhere".

track list:
01. All Becompassed By Stars / 02. Gravity / 03. Shards / 04. Nowhere / 05. Sidereal / 06. Early Warning Sign / 07. Orbit / 08. XVII / 09. Seven Times As Bright


CD Various Artists "14. Elektrisch Festival"
(Black Rain Records / BR 068)

For quite a long time, the Emmo Events´ "Elektrisch Festival" has become an integral part of the German festival scene. After the "12. Elektrisch Festival" was released as an exclusive live compilation, the compilation for the "14. Elektrisch Festival" is coming up right in time. On this great CD you will find tracks from all performing bands like Leaether Strip, Tyske Ludder, Neotek, Hioctan, Bionic Bitch - in exclusive remixes or even brand-new songs. As a special feature, the CD will contain a Machine Soldier bonus-track and the great 30-minute Black Rain/NoiTekk DJ Mix by Soman!!!

track list:
01. Leaether Strip “White Flag (Club Edit)” / 02. Tyske Ludder “Fix the Beat“ / 03. Neotek “Rout (Ringside Edit)“ / 04. Hioctan “Under Control“ / 05. Bionic Bitch “White Trash“ / Bonustracks: 06. Machine Soldier “We are back“ / 07. 30-minute Black Rain/Noitekk DJ Mix made by Soman (feat. Feindflug, Tyske Ludder, Neotek, C-Drone-Defect, Life Cried, Distorted Memory, FGFC820, Hioctan, Panic Lift, Tactical Sekt, Vigilante, Xentrifuge, IWR, DYM, Derma-tek, Dexy Corp)


CD Various Artists "Black Snow – the completely different Xmas compilation" (Black Rain Records / BR 067)

Black Rain has gone crazy! Never believed that there will ever be a Christmas compilation with Electro- and Gothic-tracks? Here it is! "Black Snow" - the ultimate but completely different Black Rain Label Group Christmas/Yule compilation! 16 songs - rocking and crazy - contemplative and funny - all mixed up in one unique melange of Dark Wave, Industrial and Electro sounds. All bands contributed nothing but great songs - cover version from the 1940´s and 50´s ("I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" - Dandelion Wine, "Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom" - Plane To Pia) - folk songs ("Hava Nagila" - Hioctan, "Little Drummer Boy" - DYM) and a lot of exclusive compositions ("xparty" - Jabberwock, "Wintergedanken" - Feindflug, "A Wish" - The Pussybats). You don´t believe that this will work? Just get the CD and be surprised!

track list:
01. Feindflug „Wintergedanken (Spekulatius Mix)“ / 02. Hioctan “Hava Nagila” / 03. Dandelion Wine “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” / 04. + 05. Tyske Ludder “Fairytale Of New York” + “Fairytale Of The North” / 06. killedbycandy “Cinnamon” / 07. Atomic Neon & 6.6.6 feat. Angel Of Night “We Die At Christmas (Rio Black Mix)” / 08. Oil 10 “Christmas Machine” / 09. Die Perlen “Ohne Strom Kein Weihnachtsmarkt” / 10. Jabberwock “xparty (xmas xceptional version)” / 11. DYM „Little Drummer Boy“ / 12. Panic Lift „Hourglass“ / 13. This Vale of Tears “Frozen Zone” / 14. Novalis deux “Halleluja (live)” / 15. Plane To Pia „Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom“ / 16. The Pussybats feat. Meli (Livid Halcyon) “A Wish”


CD Neotek "Sex, Murder & Rock´n´Roll"
(Black Rain Records / BR 066)

The wait is over - the new Neotek album “Sex, Murder & Rock´n´Roll” is here! It´s been more than 14 years since the first album from Danish electro-act Neotek surprised listeners all over the world with a mix of dance-floor friendly club anthems, old-school EBM and electro-industrial tracks. Classics like „Mind-Travelling” and “Pink Noise” even hit the American alternative Top 10 dance charts and have been featured on many compilations to follow. Now Neotek, signed to Black Rain Records, are back with an even more surprising album – an electronic work of art where no musical boundaries or conventions are upheld. The album consists of 11 uncompromising and diverse tracks drawing on the traditions of Industrial, Electronica, Rock, Hip-hop and a lot of other genres to create its own unique eclectic musical mix. 11 well-produced tunes with lots of creatively crafted electronic sounds. 11 haunting melodies full of imaginative song writing. 11 lyrical stories for your inner movie of 11 human beings pushed to the edge and how they deal with the extreme situations they are in. 11 songs about “Sex, Murder & Rock´n´Roll”! The first pressing of “Sex, Murder & Rock´n´Roll” contains an extra DVD (playing time 120 minutes) with several videos documenting both the band and their live energy, plus 5 extra tracks and a whole new take on how to provide album information.

track list:
=> album CD: 01. My Shiny 44 / 02. Right Or Wrong / 03. Paradise / 04. Released / 05. Failure / 06. Alive / 07. Rout / 08. My Process / 09. Revolver / 10. Last Call / 11. Eitelkeit
=> bonus DVD: 01. Invasions of My Mind / 02. La Morte di Mio Padre / 03. Tsaritsyn / 04. Well... Maybe we´re just a little angry (documentary with interviews and live excerpts) / 05. Evidence (an interactive timeline with music, images and video) / 06. Lyrics (album lyrics backed by "Revolver / Dub Version") / 07. Credits (CD/DVD credits backed by "My Process / Dub Version")


DCD Various Artists "Help can´t wait"
(Black Rain Records / BR 065)

Charity project: Elektrofront Erzgebirge, Black Rain and Promofabrik release as an collaborative project the exclusive double CD-compilaton "Help can´t wait". The complete profit received by this compilation will be donated to Humedica. Humedica will immediatly transfer all this profit to the projects of PENIEL SOCIAL INSTITUTE in India which takes care of poor and orphaned children in Bihar, the poorest region in whole India. With this money, we can directly support two schools, a children´s home and a hospital. This compilation unites great artists like Leaether Strip, Die Krupps, Vigilante, Jäger 90, Soman, Elite, Die Perlen, A Spell Inside, Wynardtage, Cephalgy, Project Pitchfork and many more. All bands themselves declared that charity is the only thing that counts in this project - so buying this CD is a direct donation to PENIEL SOCIAL INSTITUTE! Help can´t wait! Limited to 1000 copies!

track list:
=> CD 1: 01. Leaether Strip - Help can´t wait / 02. Lokomotiv - Brutal Advance / 03. TET - Blood of the Martyrs (Life-Support-Mix) / 04. Wintry - Voices (Downward Path Remix) / 05. Project Pitchfork - Feel (Eternal Afflict Remix) / 06. The Blister Exists - Only You (Struck 9 Remix) / 07. Escalator - Out of my Ego (Hybrid Mix) / 08. Camping im Keller - Mut zum Ich / 09. Plastic Noise Experience - Too Close (Counterfeit Remix) / 10. amGod - Fight! / 11. EM:KO – Master of Puppets / 12. Mystery of Dawn - Stolz (StaticViolence RMX) / 13. Cephalgy - Erinnerung (Adam Remix) / 14. Polarlicht 4.1 - Electrolyse (Wynardtage Remix) / 15. U.M.M. - Commando Ninja / 16. Der Gleichstrom – Antagonist / 17. Dexy Corp_ - Fight O´Clock
=> CD 2: 01. Die Krupps - Für einen Augenblick (live in Belgien) / 02. Vigilante - The new Resistance / 03. Phase III - Es wird dunkel / 04. Future Trail – Patience / 05. Plastic Autumn - Tonight (Radio Edit) / 06. A Spell Inside - Reality RMX / 07. Die Perlen - Town in Ortolose / 08. Elite! - Früher warste nicht so scheisse / 09. Jäger 90 – Pistole / 10. Neotek - Right or Wrong (Full Version) / 11. Stahltischler - Schwarz-Weiss (Pedro Tischler Remix) / 12. Wynardtage - Against all odd (Remixed by ESC) / 13. Soman - 08-20 (Remix) / 14. Mind.Area – Sap / 15. Legacy of Music - Auf dem Meer / 16. Black Wedding – SchnitterTod


DVD + CD Vigilante "Life is a battlefield"
(Black Rain Records / BR 063) - PAL
(Black Rain Records / BR 064) - NTSC

"Sometimes life is a battlefield, where giving up is a mortal sin, we can´t give up, we can´t submit, because if we quit... they win!!" (Still Alive, Vigilante)
Vigilante is one of the most important and heaviest Industrial bands from South America. Its powerful beats and strong lyrics were released in several countries around the world like Russia, Germany, Chile, Argentina and even Japan. Vigilante has shared stage and colaborated with bands like Nine Inch Nails, Die Krupps, Agonoize, VNV Nation and Hocico among others. Watching this DVD will let you know a little more about the history of the band. Get soaked up with the power and energy of its live performances and a sound that will blow your ears. This release also includes an Extra CD with all the live tracks from the DVD in High Definition Audio, a very special remix from the legendary band Die Krupps and 2 new songs from the highly anticipated new Vigilante album "The New Resistance".

track list:
LIVE: 01. Intro/Fire / 02. Resistir (One Good Reason Spanish Version) / 03. Fair Fight / 04. Juicio Final (The Other Side Spanish Version) / 05. In the Name of God / 06. Answers / 07. Hardcore / 08. El derecho de Vivir en Paz (Victor Jara Cover Version) / 09. Freedom
GALLERIES: Live / Studio / European Tour 2006 / European Tour 2007 / Covers / Flyers & Posters
DOCUMENTARY: Vigilante Documentary
VIDEO CLIPS: 01. One Good Reason / 02. The Other Side / 03. Fire / 04. El Derecho de Vivir en Paz (Victor Jara Cover) / 05. Freedom (European Tour 2006) / 06. Hardcore (European Tour 2007) / 07. Fire (Nine Inch Nails Concert 2008) / 08. Prison Break (Featuring Claus Larsen) (Advance from the Upcoming New Album "The New Resistance")

01. Intro/Fire (Live) / 02. Resistir (One Good Reason Spanish Version) (Live) / 03. Fair Fight (Live) / 04. Juicio Final (The Other Side Spanish Version) (Live) / 05. In the Name of God (Live) / 06. Answers (Live) / 07. Hardcore (Live) / 08. El derecho de Vivir en Paz (Victor Jara Cover) (Live) / 09. Freedom (Live) / 10. Prison Break (Featuring Claus Larsen) (Advance from New Upcoming Album "The New Resistance") / 11. The New Resistance (Advance from the Upcoming New Album "The New Resistance") / 12. Still Alive (Die Krupps Remix)


12" Vinyl Various Artists "EBM Collection Vol. 1"
(Black Rain Records / BR 062)

EBM is alive! A huge wave continues to roll back through clubs and festivals. The resurrection of old heroes like Leather Strip, Tyske Ludder and Vomito Negro, not only find it easy to recruit new fans, but also manages to activate the old "couch potato" fans once again. The "EBM Collection Vol. 1" goes one step further and reverts to the original roots: EBM on vinyl! Just as it was when it all started ... and for those who can remember there really is nothing like the soft crackle of vinyl after hard 120 BPM Track. "EBM Collection Vol. 1" brings together many great names of the EBM scene with exclusive versions as well as rare tracks. This hand-numbered limited edition of 500 contains 12” marble style coloured vinyl with poster and sticker! EBM - Join the rhythm!

track list:
side A: 01. Tyske Ludder “Shokkz (Leæther Strip Remix)” (5:03) / 02. E-Craft “Revolts Blood V2 (Floor RMX 2009)” (5:14) / 03. Vomito Negro “Stay Alive (2k9)” (3:22) / 04. Leæther Strip “Battleground (Dessau Edit)” (6:45)
side B: 01. Prager Handgriff „Der Aufschwung (exclusiver Remix)“ (5:10) / 02. Ionic Vision “Insects (Bug me not)” (4:11) / 03. Container 90 “Oldschool 84” (2:46) / 04. Sturm Cafe “Der Löwe ist zurück” (3:36) / 05. DRP “Discharge Body” (4:16)


CD Dexy Corp_ "Fragmentation"
(Black Rain Records / BR 061)

"Download pain, it´s time to plug my hate" Dexy Corp_ is the new rising IndustrialRock-hope from France. Intense brutality has ever been used by many bands as an accoustic stylistic device. But most of them used this to such an extent that it got more and more a banalized and boring phrase. Dexy Corp_ managed it to re-invent this brutality for themselves in order to raise the bar in the Industrial Rock genre. But they do not rest on their laurels - they go one step further. Uncompromising songs with a skillfully done songwriting and use of instrument do not just invite the listener - they wrest him from his world into a completely new and strange universe in which dreadful and menacing future visions merge with a cold and categorical rejection of today´s society. Ultra heavy industrial guitars and vertiginous arrangements will not leave any time to rest and dwarf everything else before. Whoever admires bands like Die Krupps, Ministry or KMFDM will love Dexy Corp_! But be careful: Use at own risk!

track list:
01. overlord / 02. proselytes / 03. a needle in each arm / 04. anhédonie / 05. beat me / 06. faceless / 07. dark bliss / 08. lie is life / 09. incandescent world / 10. ghost connection / 11. death plastic surgery + ghost track


CD Der Blaue Reiter "Nuclear Sun"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 020)

Der Blaue Reiter returns with its third full-time album "Nuclear Sun". Each of these skillfully done compositions are made of powerful percussions and majestic neo classical passages full of pain and sadness performed by Sathorys Elenorth & Lady Nott (Narsilion, Lugburz, Ordo Funebris & Endless Asylum). This new musical chapter is inspired by one of the biggest nuclear disasters of our times: The Chernobyl disaster. You can feel the crying of our past, the legacy of humanity behind the desolation of the ghost town of Pripyat... where dreams are just a legend and death is the darkest reality... A perfect soundtrack that offers an homage to all victims that fell under the sky of "Nuclear Sun".

track list:
01. Main Titles “The Children of Chernobyl” / 02. Fourth Reactor / 03. Radioactive / 04. The Last Days of Pripiath / 05. 1st of May / 06. The Fall of Light / 07. Walking to the Abyss / 08. Nuclear Sun / 09. The Liquidators / 10. End Credits “In Memoriam”


12" Doppel-Picture-Vinyl Feindflug "Feindflug [3.V.]"
(Black Rain Records / BR 060)

Exactly 10 years ago, in May 1999, the FEINDFLUG album "Feindflug [4.Version]" was released as regular album for the first time. For this special reason, the album will be rereleased on Black Rain as exclusive double picture vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies. It will come up with the complete track list of the demo CD-R "Feindflug [3.Version]" and one special bonus track!

track list:
side A:
01. Im Auftrag der Ehre / 02. Feindflug / 03. Alptraum / 04. Machtwechsel
side B:
05. NSD / 06. Leitbild / 07. Lagerhaft
side C:
08. Foltersequenz / 09. Stukas im Visier
side D:
10. Geständnis / 11. Kahle Bedrohung / 12. Vergeltung / Bonus: Stoerfaktor


CD Tyske Ludder "Anonymous"
(Black Rain Records / BR 058) - limited edition
(Black Rain Records / BR 059) - regular album

The next big thing! After having released the controversial "SCIENTific technOLOGY" EP, TYSKE LUDDER present their new album "Anonymous". Everybody, who thought that this band ran out of steam - beware of the best TYSKE LUDDER album ever! Once being called Oldschool-EBM legend, TYSKE LUDDER easily manage it to step out of their own shadow and start a new chapter in the band´s 20 years history with new and fresh sounds combining Electro- and EBM-sounds. Harsh beats collide with soundscapes that fight against Albert´s dominant and unique voice - tracks like "Shookz", "Frya Frisena" or "Bastard" will definitely smash up your ass. Thematically, TYSKE LUDDER again don´t mince matters, it is all about dealing blows, not taking hits. As a bonus, you will find the great cover version of JESUS AND THE GURU´s provoking "Panzerlied".
The first edition will be released exclusively in a numbered digibox with signed autograph card, poster booklet, special CD packaging and a metal pin. This edition is strictly limited to 1000 copies!

track list:
01. Frya Frisena / 02. Shokkz / 03. Gebet / 04. Psychoaktiv / 05. Fix the beat / 06. Bastard / 07. Narben / 08. Panzer / 09. March / 10. Maschinenstaat


CD Brillig "The Red Coats"
(Black Rain Records / BR 057)

BRILLIG´s latest album showcases their inimitable style. With plaintive & alluring vocals and the full cast of brooding instruments (banjo, viola, guitar, autoharp, accordion, ukulele, harmonica, bass), it also marks the debut of drummer Ben Macklin (ex - bit by bats). BRILLIG´s strongest songwriting to date, "The Red Coats" LP offers 12 compelling tales of tragedy, intrigue and sorrow (plus an instrumental `intermission´), which move effortlessly from lush to sparse arrangements. Enchantingly melancholic, beautifully tragic, strangely uplifting... BRILLIG presents a record to become absorbed in - lost in the rhythm and clear space - but centred on the stories within.

track list:
01. Death at sea / 02. The red coats / 03. Bird from the ashes / 04. Assorted Fate / 05. The old captain / 06. The frozen lake / 07. Intermission / 08. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder / 09. Jack Davey / 10. Springtime in Kyoto / 11. Phantom`s theme / 12. Emily of the Grace


CD Jesus and the Gurus "Blood, Sweat and Tears"
(Black Rain Records / BR 056)

„We are the Band from the Chocolate Land, we are the pride of Switzerland“. These truthful words let us think of an egocentrical band. And thats what Jesus and the Gurus make us believe with their new cd „Blood, Sweat and Tears“. Jesus and the Gurus bring a new musical direction to their fans. Harder, louder, even more cynical and aggressive. A mixture of industrial (like Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Dep.), metal (Ministry, Rammstein) and harsh-electro (Feindflug, NIN) melt to a storm of noise, a machinery of apocalypse. Also known as sound, their songs are the weapons of mankind. Jesus and the Gurus are as ironical and cynical as never before. The result of this statement is to be heard in their lyrics. They still speak of all the themes unspoken. Jesus and the Gurus never capitulate.

track list:
01. Jesus Marsch / 02. We will love You / 03. Pädo Pedro (Tyske Ludder Coverversion) / 04. Eiszeit / 05. Panzerlied / 06. You and Me / 07. Kill em all / 08. The pride of Switzerland / 09. Gib mir Kraft / 10. China, China


CD The Pussybats "Famous Last Songs"
(Black Rain Records / BR 055)

Finally the German alternative rockers THE PUSSYBATS are to release their long-awaited debut album ´famous last songs´ worldwide via Black Rain Records. It has been produced by Chai Deveraux (known as the guitarist of the industrial-glam-rock-band Jesus on Extasy) and Hahn&Hahn, a team which has already worked with acts like Nena, Kim Wilde and the Farmer Boys. The first full-length album is one of the milestones in every young band´s career. In this effect a lot of heart, soul, sweat and tears have been put into every aspect of the production. ´the most beautiful tales end sadly´, for example, features not only a contrabass, but also a guest pianist and vocalist, Leandra. The songs as a whole are diverse – in between a goodbye kiss and a kick in the ass - but also follow a clear, straight line: emotions instead of academics, catchiness, rock´n´roll instead of arty gimmicks. Or, as the band themselves put it: "And even if we´d been struck by lightning the very next day, we´d have known that we´d put everything into that record we´d had to offer and left a legacy to be proud of! These could indeed be our ´famous last songs´.“

track list:
01. back to the darkness / 02. the banshee blues / 03. your woman / 04. in april / 05. scarlet / 06. 15x60 / 07. feel / 08. crimson girl / 09. no romeo / 10. dance with the devils / 11. the most beautiful tales end sadly (with Leandra)


CD Various Artists "12. Elektrisch Festival"
(Black Rain Records / BR 053)

Finally it is done - we finished the live compilation of the 12th Elektrisch Festival! It is the definite ear-candy for all those who want to remember this great event and for all those who unfortunately could not be there. The 12th ELEKTRISCH FESTIVAL took place at 11th October at BPM-Club in Zwickau. It was the perfect place to bring them all together - famous, brillant Electro-legends like ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, TYSKE LUDDER and BIRMINGHAM 6 and brand-new Old-School-EBM acts like ESCALATOR, CONTAINER 90, ASTMA and PINSEL LIEST! The festival was recorded professionally and the tracks were elaborately mastered. A total of 14 tracks and an 8-page-booklet will bring you this great live event to your home. The CD is limited to 500 copies (hand-numbered)!

track list:
01. Absolute Body Control "So Hard"
02. Absolute body Control "Give me your Hands"
03. Tyske Ludder "Wie der Stahl gehärtet wurde"
04. Tyske Ludder "Khaled Aker"
05. Birmingham 6 "Godlike (Prayer)"
06. Birmingham 6 "You can not walk here (Victimized)"
07. Escalator "Hivom a multat"
08. Escalator "Idozitett Bomba"
09. Container 90 "Clean"
10. Container 90 "Precoius Boots"
11. Astma "Telephon Terror"
12. Astma "449 Metal Bullets"
13. Pinsel liest! "Das Hat`se Jesagt"
14. Pinsel liest! "Hör Oss Svea"


CD Jabberwock "Sweet Limbo"
(Black Rain Records / BR 054)

The second JABBERWOCK album "Sweet Limbo" again proves that this band has an own style incomparable to everything you have ever heard before. The intensity of this new sound reminds somehow of NIN, Ministry and even Aphex Twin - but JABBERWOCK´s brute ElectroRock never copies anything - they re-invent a cool and oustanding style with elements from ElectroClash, ElectroRock and even Electro. Pulsating beats, nihilistic guitars, levitating keyboards and distorted female vocals, presenting zynical and sarcastic lyrics, will make you an addict. Lyrics like "Fake", "Faster", "Brainbondage" and "Clean" are real highlights in times of senseless and meaningless pop-culture. A great artwork finishes an impressive and unique piece of art. JABBERWOCK - the name of an evil ghost from "Alice Through the Looking Glass", the name of an asteroid - and now the name for a comet comming from Paris that will change our lives…

track list:
01. Confusion / 02. Fake / 03. Faster / 04. Obsolete / 05. Clean / 06. Brainbondage / 07. Faith / 08. Repeat / 09. Illusions / 10. Replay / 11. Safe / 12. Ignorants / 13. Le Freak / 14. Chicken


CD Rise and Fall of a Decade "Love it or leave it"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 019)

"Love it or leave it" is definitively the last album of Rise and Fall of a Decade. Reunited in 2006, the band´s new creative effort was soon brought to an end by the sudden death of singer Pierre François Maurin-Malet in May 2007. All lyrics had been recorded before and composer Thierry Sintoni did an emotionally disturbing job in finishing the yet incomplete songs. This process resulted in an album that presents us a grown and genius band that was no longer bound to any genre limitations and even processed influences of the side-project Cube like People. Especially the ballad "In the time when", a collaboration with guest singer Carla Picchiantano and Pierre François, proves that Rise and Fall of a Decade still belong to the most important bands of that genre. As special bonus, the album comes up with an additional CD called "A missing friend tribute" - full of mixes and cover versions done by bands like Collection D´Arnell-Andrea, Speaking Silence, Hide and Seek, Nemo Sandman, O Quam Tristis. And now, after 20 years - after two decades - the journey has come to an end and we say goodbye to one of the greatest bands - and great people... Merci.

track list:
Album: 01. Again / 02. In the time when… / 03. The federation of love / 04. Tchetcheny my love / 05. Bagdad is shining / 06. Don´t save the museum / 07. Les petites baionettes / 08. Shoot me / 09. Socks ans stocks / 10. The great communication swindle / 11. Plus loin encore / 12. Girl like you
Limited bonus remix CD: 01. Arch of Lament (Collection D´Arnell-Andrea) / 02. Tchetcheny my love (Nemo Sandman) / 03. Yesterday today and tomorrow (2square) / 04. A sort of bitter taste (Speaking Silence) / 05. Buckler of Desert (Ben Born) / 06. Shoot me (Thierry) / 07. Lost cause (Hide and Seek) / 08. Games for dying (Richard Bontempi) / 09. The hope seller (O Quam Tristis…) / 10. Bagdad is shining (Pierre-Francois & Thierry) / 11. Don´t save the museum (Nemo Sandman) / 12. Arch of Lament (Thierry & Ariane)


CD Atomic Neon "Darkenia"
(Black Rain Records / BR 052)

Atomic Neon´s impressive relaunch of the timeless "Cold Wave" genre "Darkenia" is up on it´s way to dominate the world. Having started their spaceship from planet "Darkenia", the young band releases this OldSchool Cold Wave CD just right after their "Life on Earth EP" released on Motor Digital. These 6 extraterrestrian musicians were on the hunt for a life saving substance - the Atomic Neon. In a skillfully arranged manner, adding new elements to the ColdWave sound and combining PunkRock with emotional vocals, this CD presents a range of sounds which won´t definitely be forgotten.

track list:
01. Who am I / 02. Blades / 03. Cold Room / 04. Flash / 05. Darkenia / 06. Mein Kleid / 07. Fighting / 08. When I Lose Myself / 09. New World / 10. Herrgott / 11. The World / 12. We Kiss / 13. Our Love


CD Rise and Fall of a Decade "Forget the 20th century"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 016)

"Forget the 20th century" is the last of the re-releases of the French band Rise and Fall of a Decade. Originally released in 1997 this masterpiece was also the band´s last album in the 1990s. Especially the song "The French Song is Dead" became famous. The CD is released in a strictly limited edition with new artwork done by Reinlender 1977.

track list:
01. Education / 02. Free as in utero / 03. Hot in winter, cold in winter / 04. UNIdenTifiED NATIONS / 05. Buckler of the desert / 06. The French song is dead / 07. P.M. / 08. Old age / 09. Let\'s go together / 10. Globe trotter / 11. Ten times on Taine street / 12. Pure hands / 13. Sleep and ideal / 14. Welcome to Ris / 15. Black hole


CD Rise and Fall of a Decade "Rise and Fall of A Decade"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 015)

18 years after the first release in France, "Rise and Fall of A Decade" is another highlight of re-releases of the band Rise and Fall of A Decade. A timeless piece of art that again will enchant the audience. Until today, Sandy Casado, Pierre François Maurin-Malet und Thierry Sintoni aka Rise and Fall of a Decade remain one of the most important Wave/Romantic/Heavenly-Voices acts of all time. Bittersweet and melancholic sounds in combination with straight Guitar-Wave will let you feel what it means to taste eternity. The CD is released with a completely new artwork.

track list:
01. Arch of Lament / 02. The man who wanted to catch the wind / 03. Lisbeth / 04. Nothing to say, easy to answer / 05. A sort of bitter taste / 06. Yesterday, today and tomorrow / 07. A system of Pulleys / 08. Without even speaking / 09. Wings of desire / 10. The amazing game / 11. Speaking hand / 12. Be yourself


CD Novalis deux "Ghosts over Europe"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 018)

It has been more than 3 years and it took a huge amunt of artistic effort and studio work - but now it is done - the new album of NOVALIS DEUX is finished. After the CD "Paradise...?" had convinced both the fans and the critics, the new CD "Ghosts over Europe" is a masterpiece that stands for the increased musical und artistical skills NOVALIS DEUX can again convince with. Still being DarkFolk at its base, the band mixes lots of genres creating a CD that cannot be put into any single genre at all. Songs like "Sleeping Violin", "Homecoming", "Passing by" or "Rome" will find their place in the fans and critics minds for sure. In addition to the two main members of the band Stev (lyrics) and Marcel (keyboards) NOVALIS DEUX has two new members - Mathias (Drums) and Jojo (Piano, Guitar) who both contribute their skills to the new NOVALIS DEUX sound, which makes clear that this is a band we can expect more from in the future. It comes up with a premium copper-embossment digipac.

track list:
01. Put on your shoes / 02. Homecoming / 03. Ghost over Europe / 04. Sleeping Violin / 05. The Clown / 06. Passing by / 07. Rome / 08. One step / 09. World in Flames / 10. Your hell


CD Jabberwock "Jabberwock"
(Black Rain Records / BR 051)

"Jabberwock" is an intensive debut album. Life is violent, music is not just only entertaining. The French band Jabberwock hammers this feeling in an intensive Electro-Rock sound: a mutant female voice driven by powerful and obsessive beats along with New Wave bass lines, hazy keyboards and nihilist guitars draw an anxious picture of our everyday life. Jabberwock´s work is inspired by alternative-industrial-electro bands such as NIN, Ministry, click´n´cut stuff (aphex twin...), digital-hardcore stuff (hanin elias) or shoegazers (My Bloody Valentine)... The album contain 10 great songs + 5 remixes. Never quiet, Jabberwock is a restless multi-faced monster who traps the listener within its world. You can listen it again and again, it will reveal a new face every time...

track list:
01. happy / 02. boxed / 03. off / 04. comfort / 05. devotion / 06. tense / 07. now / 08. bombzilla / 09. dirt / 10. sucks / 11. bombzilla [vx69 rmx] / 12. dirt [punish_yourself rmx] / 13. boxed [obe rmx] / 14. tense [collapse rmx] / 15. happy [wytlyt rmx]


online single The Pussybats "No Romeo"
(Black Rain Records / BR 050)

After two CDs produced on their own, The Pussybats give a first insight into their upcomming album with their online single "No Romeo". Two Pussybats-typical Goth\'nRoll songs plus one cover version will make every fan far more than happy. Attention: This single is only available via all common online stores.

track list:
01. no romeo / 02. yesterday is here (unplugged) / 03. dead by dawn (bones´ eiskaltes haendchen rm:x)


DCD V.A. "A Compilation Vol. 3"
(Black Rain / BR 049)

Part 3 of the label compilation that presents an overview of the bands that are members of the German label group Black Rain / NoiTekk / Ars Musica Diffundère / FireZone Rec. / Funkwelten. "A Compilation Vol. 3" comes up with lots of previously unreleased tracks of forthcomming albums. 28 bands from all around the world that mark the worldwide importance of those labels that now belong to the spearhead of all independent labels. This release also stands for all that great variety of amazing music that is based in this label group - prepare to enjoy two fully-packed CDs with a running time of more than 140 minutes for the price of a Maxi-CD. Don´t miss it!

track list:
CD 1:

CD 2:


CD Dandelion Wine "Selected Anachronisms"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 017)

Dandelion Wine´s new album Selected Anachronisms (Ars Musica Diffundére/Black Rain Media Group) is a slight departure from 2006´s ~An Inexact Science~, with a greater emphasis on the intensity of the band´s live show which has enthralled people around the world. The album features Dandelion Wine´s trademark tapestry of old acoustic instruments (such as dulcimer, lute, flute, bowed psaltery), layered atmospheres and singer Naomi Henderson´s enrapturing vocal, but adds a new element of big danceable beats and grooves. This change has been brought about in part by the band´s frequent touring: since the release of ~An Inexact Science~ Dandelion Wine have embarked on three full tours of Australia and a 3 month tour of Europe and Japan. Recorded in various locations in Australia including inner city Melbourne and a tranquil farm house in rural Gippsland, “Selected Anachronisms” features the an even wider array of instruments than previous Dandelion Wine albums, with everything from medieval strings instruments, to analogue synths, ethnic percussion to multi-layered guitars, all underpinned by a solid foundation of electronic beats.

track list:
01. Twins / 02. Thin Air / 03. Quietly Safe / 04. Running Water / 05. Crippled / 06. Stain Glass Colours / 07. What Have You (Nonesuch) / 08. Vortex Switch / 09. Illustration of Regret / 10. Holding My Breath Again


CD-EP Tyske Ludder "SCIENTific technOLOGY"
(Black Rain / BR 048)

After their comeback with „Sojus“ and the re-releases of all of their previous albums in 2006, EBM-legend TYSKE LUDDER is back with the new „SCIENTific technOLOGY“ EP. According to style and harshness – TYSKE LUDDER are still famous for their excellent German Old School EBM but were also able to catch up with modern Electro tunes. „SCIENTific technOLOGY“ is not just a small appetizer for the next long player but the band’s wish for dealing with a very current topic – and like TYSKE LUDDER it always did – as aggressive as it’s possible. Just give a listen to „thetanen“!! The new EP comes up with 3 brand new tracks and exclusive remixes from bands like Wertstahl, Nurzery [Rhymes], Brain Leisure, E-Craft and Feindflug – all this for the price of one maxi-CD!

track list:
01. thetanen / 02. kinkat / 03. kampfgruppen / 04. kinkat (wertstahl xxx edit) / 05. thetanen (cruise-up-your-ass-edit by nurzery [rhymes]) / 06. kinkat (edit by feindflug) / 07. thetanen (edit by e-craft) / 08. thetanen (fragulate edit by brain leisure)


CD Narsilion "Namarie"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 014)

The land of the silver tears is whispering again your name… „NAMÁRIË“, the awaited third album of Narsilion, is already a reality which shines now with its own very light from the hands of Black Rain/Ars Musica Diffundére… Beyond the wail of the woods it looms an ancestral and forgotten path which will take you far away from here where, once again, your dreams will cover your nights with their mysticism… Feel the magic of the Lothlorien realms, next to the embrace of your lost childhood, ride on the back of a steed and get your heart ready for the battle for darkness and light are already sheltering the secrets of your own destiny... The gates of eternity are wide open again to you, and you are the only one who chooses when to start to dream again! Aiya Earendil Elenion Ankalima!

track list:
01. Retorn a la Infancia / 02. Desperta Ferro / 03. Las Puertas del Mare / 04. Enmig del Silenci / 05. Agmar / 06. O Sonar das Augas / 07. Namarie / 08. En Caure la Nit / 09. Who can Dream Forever


CD IWR "Cold Asylum"
(Black Rain / BR 047)

IWR are back! After their successful debut "Ground Zero" the Dark-Electro band from Israel release their second fulltime CD. A much more grown-up sound meets intelligent structures resulting in a skillfully produced studio album. Harsh beats fight with wonderful melodies - and you\'ll be glad that none of them will win this battle but conflate to a musically unit full of contrasts. Besides the main part of the band, Maor Appelbaum (vocals/synthesizers) and Tal Galfsky (synthesizers) it is the two female vocalists (Moran Uliel, Michal Jakubowicz) that make "Cold Asylum" a perfect masterpiece. A great second album that again brillantly mirrors the band´s potential.

track list:
01. Going Mental / 02. Ketamine Sedation / 03. Wreckage / 04. Morning Star / 05. New Dawn / 06. Nemesis / 07. Black City / 08. Going Mental [Space Kombat Remix] / 09. Ketamine Sedation [Nails Remix] / 10. Wreckage [Wreck Age Remix] / 11. New Dawn [Dark Chamber Remix]


CD Vigilante "War of Ideas"
(Black Rain / BR 046)

After the success of the debut "The Heroes Code" and the EP "Juicio Final" the Industrial/Electro-Rock band from Chile attacks again. Vigilante\'s songs have always been dealing with social criticism as well as with political and environmental issues. The new CD "War of Ideas" is a musical and ideological landmark written and composed by the band to challenge the people\'s minds in order to make them evaluate and critcally think about current topics. Vigilante is a mix of harsh Industrial Rock and EBM combined with Ivan Muñoz striking voice. Independent and impressive, but nevertheless catchy and danceabel. The regular album comes up with 11 new studio tracks and the video clip "Fire" - a professional music video. As special bonus the first 1000 copies are available with a 12 Track bonus CD.

track list:
album CD: 01. Fair Fight / 02. In The Name Of God / 03. Fire / 04. Forever / 05. Get In The Ring / 06. Victims / 07. Black Day / 08. Hardcore / 09. Time To Kill / 10. Justice / 11. El Derecho De Vivir En Paz (cover) + Videoclip "Fire"

limited bonus CD: 01. Fair Fight (UBM Remix) / 02. Fair Fight (Dreamside Remix) / 03. Fair Fight (Lamia Remix) / 04. Forever (Lucia Ponticas Remix) / 05. Fair Fight (Reel Remix) / 06. Fair Fight (Sophya Remix) / 07. Fair Fight (Amateur God Remix) / 08. Fair Fight (Container 90 old school mix) / 09. Fair Fight (Forgotten Sunrise Remix) / 10. Fair Fight (Deadcell Remix) / 11. The Other Side (Alien Produkt Remix) / 12. Fire (Neikka RPM Remix)


MCD Brillig "Mirror on the Wall"
(Black Rain / BR 045)

After the preview maxi-CD "The Plagiarist" finally the new BRILLIG album "Mirror on the Wall" is being released. And on this CD BRILLIG come up as more professional as they they did on their last, great album "Pterodactyls". BRILLIG stand for eclectic guitar Wave/Dark Pop slightly reminding of exceptional bands like The Cure, Suede, Placebo or even David Bowie - but always with their own personal style. They perfectly manage it to create a balance of easiness and melancholy that will make you addicted. "Mirror on the Wall" - 11 new songs, one good cover version and a great artwork in the 20-page booklet made by Bad Seeds Design/Jackie Reichstein.

track list:
01. Intro / 02. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers / 03. Mirror on the Wall / 04. Truth or Dare? / 05. Revamp / 06. The Plagiarist / 07. Pretty in the Dark / 08. Empty Hours / 09. In the Air Tonight / 10. Monster Seas & Swells / 11. Station High / 12. Outro


CD Rise and Fall of a Decade "You or Sidney"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 013)

RISE AND FALL OF A DECADE have been one of the biggest Wave bands in the Ninties among the Wave/Romantic/Heavenly Voices scene. With their album "You or Sidney" they reached their climax of composition skills - and up to today bands are constantly compared with the songs of RISE AND FALL OF A DECADE. Besides the music and the expressive voices of Pierre François and Sandy it is the lyrics that always have had the deepest impact on the audiences\' mind. An impressive band that still nowadays fascinates people. "You or Sidney" is released in a series of re-releases of RISE AND FALL OF A DECADE albums on the label Ars Musica Diffundere/Black Rain. All CDs have been completely sold out - and now they are released again with a new artwork done by Reinlender1977.

track list:
01. One of these Days / 02. The Hope Seller / 03. Mistake / 04. Games for Dying / 05. You or Sidney / 06. Strange Way / 07. The European Swindle / 08. Hold Me / 09. First / 10. Dear Assurance / 11. Sweet Pills / 12. Escape


CD Rise and Fall of a Decade "Noisy but Empty"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 012)

RISE AND FALL OF A DECADE have been one of the biggest Wave bands in the Ninties. The band around Sandy Casado, Pierre François Maurin-Malet and Thierry Sintoni is a synonym for extraordinary compositions, excellent lyrics and timeless good music. In France they were broadcasted in TV and radio stations - in Germany, due to their romantic and melancholic songs, they were mostly famous among the Gothic scene. Beginning with "Noisy but Empty" a series of re-releases is introduced by the label Ars Musica Diffundere/Black Rain. The completely sold-out albums are being released with a new artwork.

track list:
01. Suicided Youth / 02. Dear Henry / 03. Grandest Illusion / 04. Children Die in Silence / 05. The Bird and the Fish / 06. Candletown / 07. Lost Cause / 08. Wheel of Cruelty / 09. Cube Like People / 10. Girls of the Ninetie’s / 11. Wheel, Wind and Wine / 12. The Missing Friend


MCD Brillig "The Plagiarist"
(Black Rain / BR 044)

This is one of the few bands that still expresses and lives its own vision of timeless and beautiful music. BRILLIG introduce themselves to the western hemisphere with their single "The Plagiarist". Wave/Electro Pop-Rock with guitares that reminds of cult bands like The Cure, Suede, Placebo and even David Bowie - but coming along with an own distinctive style. 4 hits on one Maxi-CD, without any remixes - a release that shines like a diamond in the constantly self-copying music scene. Be prepared for the album "Mirror on the Wall" being released in May. As special bonus the CD has the video track "Followed" in Quicktime-format.

track list:
01. Truth or Dare? (radio edit) / 02. The Plagiarist / 03. Nihilist / 04. Escher / 05. Followed Acoustic (video clip)


CD Various Artists "A Compilation Vol.2"
(Black Rain / BR 043)

Be prepared! Don\'t get confused by the simple title - the German label group Black Rain / NoiTekk / Ars Musica Diffundère / Funkwelten is releasing a 2-CD-Promo-compilation simply called "A Compilation Vol. 02" for the price of just a Maxi-CD!!! 28 Bands from all over the world proof that our label group definitely belongs to the best of German independet labels. CD 1, called "Inorganic" provides you with harsh and stomping Electro, EBM and Industrial and CD 2 takes you away to the more darker and harmonic side of music. With a total running time of 142 minutes this compilation is the best way to get an view on the releases of all involved labels.

track list:



DCD Supreme Court "Hypocrites & Saints"
(Black Rain / BR 042)

After the album "Yell it out", the collaboration "We\'ll f*** you up" and the very successful "Wintergewitter Tour" with Feindlug, Supreme Court release the long awaited album "Hypocrites & Saints". Much more harsher, more aggressive - stomping beats meet dark soundscapes, catchy melodies and cold, clear as well as distorted vocals. 14 great tracks with different kind of emotional background, lyrics, that lead into the dark abyss of everbody\'s soul. Two album-tracks were done in collaboration with Painbastard and Solitary Experiments. The limitied first edition of 999 copies contains a bonus CD with some rare song material from the first Supreme Court era.

track list:
album: 01. Jealous Man / 02. Fainting Faces / 03. Rush of Blood / 04. Traitors & Cowards / 05. Voice of Lying / 06. Come to me / 07. Reality? Dream? (instrumental) / 08. Carefully Deceived feat. Painbastard / 09. Hide in Fear / 10. What is it...? / 11. Things that we Forget feat. Solitary Experiments / 12. Dream to Share / 13. Loving Kind of Cunt / 14. Help me Up

limited bonus CD: 01. Conditioning Drug (instrumental) / 02. Fainting Faces - Remix by Retractor / 03. Never Again - Remix by Lights of Euphoria / 04. Fainting Faces - Remix by NVMPH! / 05. Next Exit Extinction [adjustEd[it] by Amnistia] / 06. Replace your Brain / 07. Satisfy my Needs - 5uxen mix / 08. Forbidden Touch [Rough Version 2005] / 09. Szintiscanner [ Tape version 1995] / 10. Reaktor Fermi [Tape Version 1995] / 11. VEB Kondensator [Tape Version 1996]


Box Tyske Ludder "Trinity"
(Black Rain / BR 041)

>The exclusive fan edition! Collectors box of the Tyske Ludder re-releases. Strictly limited to 111 copies!

- rare Finnish gas mask + bag
- exclusive 3 CD box (numbered)
- tape "Trinity" with early and rare songs
- army armlet
- patch (silver Tyske Ludder letter on burgundy)
- sticker (silver Tyske Ludder letter)


CD Tyske Ludder "Creutzfeld EP (+ bonus)"
(Black Rain / BR 040)

"Creutzfeld EP" in 1996 was the last release of the "Ludders" - with songs like "Sieben Tage Lang" - a Bots cover. Our re-release comes up with lots of bonus tracks - and a brand new song which is an adaption of "Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen". It is an homage to Florian Geyer, a leader of farmer riots.

track list:
01. Zeichen der Zeit / 02. Inferno / 03. Schwarzes Wasser / 04. D.b.B.b. / 05. Sieben Tage lang (Original by Bots) / 06. Schwarze Lippe / 07. Bionic Impression (SutterCaine RMX) / 08. Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen (Traditional - Produced by battlecommand.org) / 09. Zeichen der Zeit (I am your Sword RMX by Vicious Alliance) / 10. Sieben Tage lang 2006 (Wertstahl RMX - Original by Bots) / 11. Zeichen der Zeit (Nordheim Hartkern by Wertstahl) / 12. Inferno (C23Mix by XP8) / 13. Monotonie (LiFE LiKEd Rmx) / 14. Hexenjagd (Witches United by FabrikC) / 15. Monotonislam (Wertstahl RMX)


CD Tyske Ludder "Dalmarnock (+ bonus)"
(Black Rain / BR 039)

"Dalmarnock" was the second album by Tyske Ludder released in 1995. It was a straight forward sequel of harsh Tyske Ludder sound. Again, the band claims human deficiency and doesn\'t hold back biting criticism. Provoking and impulsive - Oldschool EBM at its best. "Hexenjagd" was the counterstroke to defamation the band had to suffer from - and it became a real club hit.

track list:
01. Grelle Farben / 02. Extrem / 03. Freier Fall / 04. Pädophil / 05. Stadium des Zerfalls / 06. A.I.D.S. / 07. Hexenjagd / 08. Massnahmen zur Erhaltung der Macht / 09. Bund der Freunde / 10. Monotonie / 11. Kroma / 12. Crack! (Original by SPK) / 13. Monotonie (E-Craft RMX) / 14. Hexenjagd (Hex Edit by Wertstahl) / 15. Grelle Farben (Brain Leisure RMX) / 16. Monotonie (Knife RMX by Asseptic Room) / 17. Hexenjagd (CriadCrias RMX)


CD Tyske Ludder "Bombt die Mörder? (+ bonus)"
(Black Rain / BR 038)

"Bombt die Mörder?" was the 1994 debut of Tyske Ludder and is now being re-released. The CD is now completely remastered and some bonus was added. Thematically, the album deals with the riots in ex-Yugoslavia then.Today, "Bombt die Mörder" can be considered as standard in each good Oldschool-EBM collection. "Energie" and "Bartholomäus" became cult tracks over the years.
Tyske Ludder stand for social criticism, harsh but strinking vocals and driving beats. After some years the band returned in 2004 and did a great live comeback followed by their successful album "Sojus" by beginning of 2006...

track list:
01. Wie der Stahl gehärtet wurde / 02. Irrsinnige Vögel / 03. An vorderster Front / 04. Erotik Mutanten / 05. De Gaulle / 06. Kaiser / 07. Legaten / 08. Flieger / 09. Rektal / 10. Bartholomäus / 11. Zu viel / 12. Energie / 13. Blutrausch / 14. Irrsinnige Vögel (Terror Punk Syndicate RMX) / 15. Zu Viel (Kosovo Party Migs by Wertstahl & F. Hirche) / 16. Irrsinnige Vögel (Plastic Noise Experience RMX) / 17. An vorderster Front (Vigilante RMX) / 18. An vorderster Front (Ctrl-Alt-Del RMX by Biodrone)


CD Reliquary "Winter World"
(Black Rain / BR 037)

"Winter World" is the debut of RELIQUARY, a band located in Phoenix/Arizona. They had a lot of influences from genres like Gothic Rock, Classic, Dark Wave and Industrial. On this CD the band managed to add some new, modern aspects to the genre of Gothic Rock. Driving guitars combined with a leading bass guitar and a great soprano voice accompanied by Synths, violins and drums unite to present you complex songs which will take you away on a trip through your dreams. RELIQUARY was founded as solo project by Loki in 1997. Later, Suriel and Kara completed the band. Especially this band line up made RELIQUARY quite famous since the band has already supported Faith and the Muse, Bella Morte, The Last Dance and The Crüxshadows.

track list:
01. Prelude / 02. Destroy / 03. Tell Me / 04. Trinity / 05. Change / 06. Beyond Dreams / 07. Undone / 08. Winter World / 09. Dreams Torn Away / 10. Distant Land / 11. Lost in Thought / 12. Lakme / 13. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me


CD Jesus and the Gurus "King ov Salo"
(Black Rain / BR 036)

The Swiss band JESUS AND THE GURUS not only became popular for their provoking appearance but also for their cynical and critical point of view. Their new CD "King ov Salò" is a new bunch of harsh criticism and hard hitting cynicism against mankind. JESUS AND THE GURUS question and research power in every respect - political, sexual, physical and psychological power, and this even goes along with criticising your own existence. And our protagonists know that this can get a painful and complicated thing. "King ov Salò" is an interesting and demanding mixture of Gothic Rock, Neofolk, Electronics and even Gothic Metal. This makes the album being a melancholic, harsh and even rebellious CD that always sounds like something new but never lets you forget that it is a "JESUS AND THE GURUS" release. Acoustic guitars, monumental synthies mix with slow and harsh guitar riffs, drums and "Son ov David\'s" melodic voice will let you draw comparisons to Ministry, Laibach and Death in June. This is an album that goes under your skin, touches your soul, entertains you and maybe it will provide you with some answers you were looking for.

track list:
01. Deep Inside / 02. The end is Near / 03. The song is the Weapon / 04. The others / 05. March to Hell / 06. Hail Satan / 07. Storm of Steel / 08. Frozen Eyes / 09. Praise the Lord / 10. Dance of Fire / 11. We just Fight / 12. Holy Town / 13. Leiche Otto / 14. Sometimes / 15. Dust to Dust


CD Dandelion Wine "An Inexact Science"
(Ars Musica Diffundere / AMD 011)

Sophamore album for this Melbourne outfit that combine medieval and Middle Eastern instruments with electronic beats, female vocals and swirling guitars. Crowd favourites within this countrys growing goth/industrial scene, these recordings were honed whilst the band recently toured across seven European countries and range from beautifully delicate passages to dance inducing grooves.

track list:
01. Stable / 02. Found / 03. Muscle Memory / 04. Malphacyte / 05. Tulip Eyes / 06. Black Glitter / 07. Starry Messenger / 08. Little Pieces I / 09. Little Pieces II / 10. For The Next Time The Whole World Floods With Tears


CD Amateur God "Xenofeelia"
(Black Rain / BR 035)

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe." [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]
In 2004 the Slovenian band Amateur God surprised the listeners with their dark and deep album "Around the corners of our minds". Irony was always a guiding star for Amateur God\'s concept and inspiration, based upon ridiculous human nature and senseless fights against it. Amateur God\'s albums are a deep trip into the mind. Although Amateur God\'s music stands on solid pillars of melancholic industrial, my musical preferences come mostly from contemporary pop/rock acts that in most cases deviate from commercial orientation. Complex structures, harmonies broken through experimantal sounds, a filigree femal voice conquer a new space outside the GothicPop mainstream culture! This is avantgarde! The CD contains also the exclusive video clip of the track "Chenges".

track list:
01. Garden of Sanity / 02. Deep Cleanse / 03. Changes / 04. Long Dead Autumn / 05. Last Winter / 06. Pictures of Me / 07. Miss Fortune / 08. Spring That Always Comes To Early / 09. A Lame Slave / + Video "Changes"


Box Feindflug
"Combat pack box: ...hinter feindlichen Linien"
(Black Rain / BR 034-SoEd)

It took us very long to present you a new and again ultimate Feindflug-Box. We did a lot of material searching and working around and finally we also had to deal with stupid problem caused by some supplier again. But it was all worth it because Feindflug never do some kind of loser-boxes. All material in the box is exclusively available only in this box. Strictly limited to 999 copies, hand-numbered and signed on an extra autograph-card!

the box:
original East German combat pack of former GDR army NVA (like new, with strap) / flag with the tank picture, size 80 x 120 cm, coloured!!! / DVD in a media book / 8-cm bonus CD with 3 exclusive/rare tracks / autograph signed by the artists / original magazine of a Kalashnikov AK 47 (rare East German paramilitary training calibre 22mm)!!! / exclusive patch (format 23 x 6 cm) / sticker, Feindflug letters, 22 cm wide (+ a second one to wear it) / Pin, Feindflug letters (5 cm wide) / exclusive metal logo pendant (4 x 5 cm, with eye)


DVD Feindflug "...hinter feindlichen Linien"
(Black Rain / BR 034)

10 years of Findflug - the right time for an overwhelming video production like this. This DVD is the result of more than half a year of work, the material used for it has been collected since 2004 and the oldest takings are from 1999. With their live concerts Feindflug have gained an almost legendary reputation over the years. Everybody, who has not been able to join the thrilling and exciting atmosphere of a Feindflug live concert by now gets the chance to make up for this with "...hinter feindlichen Linien" (="...behind enemy lines"). This professional DVD production goes along with the unique experience of a Feindflug concert - and lots of bonus material will satisfy the heart of every fan. Not only because of having an own, independent sound and dealing with unpleasant topics, Feindflug have become one of the most important and most famous acts of the Electro-scene.

DVD facts:
total running time of more than 170 minutes / more than 60 minutes of bonus material (short movie "Zonen" by Jon Svärdhagen with music by Feindflug, band interview and more...) + outtakes / live concert video of the jubilee concert in Berlin, recorded with 8 cameras + crane in 24 channel sound mix / tank video of "Truppenschau" / screen format 16:9 / Dolby Digital Stereo / Dolby Digital 5.1 / multilingual subtitle (English + Saxon!!!) / interactive menus / comes up in an exclusive mediabook

track list:
concert video: 01. Intro / 02. Truppenschau / 03. Kahle Bedrohung / 04. B66883 / 05. Kalte Unschuld / 06. AK47 / 07. Grössenwahn / 08. Gulag / 09. Stukas im Visier / 10. Leere Gräben / 11. Kopfschuss / 12. Menschenjagd / 13. Machtwechsel / 14. Roter Schnee / 15. Neue Sieger / 16. Sturmwalze(r)

live clips: 01. Feindflug (V.04) / 02. Glaubenskrieg / 03. Kopfschuss / 04. Würdelos / In Gefangenschaft / 05. Tötungsmaschine Mensch / 06. Roter Schnee

bonus clips: 01. Truppenschau / 02. Stukas im Visier / 03. "Zonen" - Kurzfilm von Jon Svärdhagen / 04. Glaubenskrieg / 05. Bonusclip/Outtakes
+ hidden track with credits by Feindflug


CD IWR "Ground Zero"
(Black Rain / BR 033)

IWR is an industrial/EBM band, with some Dark-wave touches, which does not shy from aggressive vocals and sounds. A mix of gothic darkness and industrial treatments, etheric female vocals and harsh male ones, with a fast and catchy tempo, electronic rhythms, and smart use of samples. Approachable and immediately melodic, its combination of aggressive rhythms and gothic electronic influences that serve it as a definite stand out album, resembling in many ways such bands Skinny Puppy, Wumpscut, and Velvet Acid Christ. IWR is a duo, and the first outing was created using the talents of Maor Appelbaum (Vocals, bass guitars, synths, noises & effects , programming), who also did the production, engineering and mixing. Along with long time friend Tal Galfsky (keyboards, synths, samples and programming), together they formed a new force in the darkwave/EBM scene, Adding the angelic female vocals of Jasmin Vodonos,the furious drum programing of Oz_Vult & Tom Davidov and other artist contributions to part of the songs. An immediate favorite of dark-wave and Goth fans alike, the band was featured in several compilation albums worldwide, and also received extensive club play, due to its catchiness and immediate melodies.

track list:
Album-CD: 01. Carnivore / 02. Sleepwalkers / 03. Access Denied / 04. Crimes of Insanity / 05. Victimized / 06. Dreamers Delight / 07. Calling You / 08. Pulsar / 09. Recommended Therapy / 10. My Ruin (Bed of Nails)

Remix-Bonus-CD: 01. Carnivore - New Dawn Corp. remix / 02. Pulsar - PTYL flatline Remix / 03. Access Denied - Supreme Court remix / 04. Dreamers Delight - New Dawn Corp. GF remix / 05. Carnivore - Regenerator featuring Vega Pink remix / 06. Access Denied - New Dawn Corp. remix / 07. Carnivore - Vigilante remix / 08. Pulsar - New Dawn Corp. remix / 09. Access Denied - Distorted Reality Instrumental remix / 10. Pulsar - Amateur God remix


CD-EP Vigilante "Juicio Final"
(Black Rain / BR 032)

After the outstanding success of their debut "The Heroes\' Code" the Electro-Metal heroes Vigilante return with their new EP. Their new CD could be subtitled with "The Spanish EP" because three of their hits are re-released in Spanish. This makes the songs appear in a completely new version - and in addition to this, you will also find the track "Justice" - a preview to the new album "A War of Ideas". Moreover there are remixes done by Funker Vogt, Z Prochek, Chiasm, Amateur God and Obszön Geschöpf. Absolute highlight of this CD is the professional video clip of "The Other Side"!

track list:
01. Juicio Final (The Other Side/Spanish Version) / 02. Resistir (One Good Reason/Spanish Version) / 03. Sangrar (Survive/Spanish Version) / 04. Justice (Advance 2006/A War of Ideas) / 05. The Other Side (Funker Vogt Remix) / 06. One Good Reason (Z Prochek Remix) / 07. Survive (Chiasm Remix) / 08. Before (Amateur God Remix) / 09. The Other Side (Obszön Geschöpf Remix) / + MPEG Video "The Other Side"


MCD Supreme Court feat. Feindflug "We\'ll f*** you up!"
(Black Rain / BR 031)

This is the the collaboration of the year! With FEINDFLUG and SUPREME COURT two leading representatives of ElectroIndustrial and EBM came together to join in a long-planned project. The output of this intensive collaboration - 4 exclusive, overwhelming tracks - is nothing but great. The two projects audibly managed it to mix their styles concluding in a perfectly balanced symbiosis. Moreover, the musicians take this project as chance to do some reckoning.
We\'ll f*** you up!

track list:
01. DisappoiNtmenT Overdose / 02. Never Ending Lie / 03. Kampfbereit / 04. Selbstjustiz


CD Tyske Ludder "Sojus"
(Black Rain / BR 030)

They\'re back again!!! After having experienced such a great live-comeback and nine years after "Creutzfeldt EP" the heroes of "German Old School EBM" will release their brand new album "Sojus". Tyske Ludder provide us with uncompromisingly straight forward and perfectly produced Old School EBM that will both hit dancefloors and your minds. Tyske Ludder have always been famous for their socially critical and tough lyrics, and while listening to songs like "Canossa", Khaled Aker" and "Schreie" you will see that nothing has changed this.
Correctly translated, "Sojus" actually means "union" and stands for the Russian space travel program - Tyske Ludder abstractly approach this term as symbol for all the disasters of the new millennium. Welcome at the reality...
As a special bonus the limited first edition of 1000 copies will be released in a special packaging including the regular CD and an exclusive remix CD.

track list:
album: 01. Betrayal / 02. Canossa / 03. Schreie / 04. Khaled Aker / 05. Beaufort 12 / 06. Bionic Impression / 07. Manipulation / 08. Fehlfunktion / 09. Innenraum / 10. Frequenzwechsel / 11. Orion

limited remix CD: 01. Betrayal [Wertstahl - North U.S. Remix] / 02. Bionic Impression [Feindflug - Remix] / 03. Canossa [Noisex - ZecheDesSchlafendenHundes Remix] / 04. Beaufort 12 [Brain Leisure - Remix] / 05. Canossa [Massiv in Mensch - Remix] / 06. Khaled Aker [Grandchaos - Remix] / 07. Canossa [Wertstahl - Bonkmeister Remix] / 08. Khaled Aker [Severe Illusion - Remix] / 09. Khaled Aker [T.A.N.K. - Remix] / 10. Innenraum [Worst Case Scenario - SicScissorStickKillers Remix]


CD Cyborg Attack "Stoerf***tor"
(Black Rain / BR 029)

Cyborg Attack is one of those Oldschool-EBM-bands that have always followed that style of music, even when it was completely unpopular. Because of this Cyborg Attack have an extremely faithful fan base. And now, four years after their last album "Blutgeld", the new CD "Stoerf***tor" is being released. Loud, straight forward and uncompromising! Typical Cyborg Attack style combined with rough growls of vocalist Sandro will definitely kick ass! Tracks like "Psycho-X", "Stoerf***tor"and "Maschinenmensch" will hit all dancefloors. Resistance is futile! Cyborg Attack are back!

track list:


CD Lamia "La Máquina De Dios"
(Black Rain / BR 028)

The Argentine band LAMIA especially became famous for their album "Dark Angel" which was an elegant and skilful symbiosis of EBM and Classic music. Besides regular editions in Germany and Argentina the CD was also released in the USA and Russia. After the remix EP "Carnival of Lust" the long awaited album "La Máquina De Dios" is now released. It is a perfect mix of electronic music and music from the Middle Ages. Two new voices appear on this CD - Cecilia Marchesotti as soprano and Daniel Pomba as tenor. With these two new voices LAMIA again manage it to create a masterpiece of skilfully arranged music at its best.

01. O virgo splendens / 02. Stella splendens / 03. Laudemus virginem / 04. Splendens ceptigera / 05. Los set goytx / 06. Cuncti Simus / 07. Polorum regina / 08. Mariam matrem / 09. Inperayritz de la ciutat joyosa / 10. Ad mortem festinamus


CD Killing Ophelia "IAMAI"
(Black Rain / BR 027)

A sensational sequel! Whilst the debut of KILLING OPHELIA "Last Vision" has been an intensive trip into the depths of mind and heart, the new album "I AM AM I" is a step forward into the darker areas of human behaviour. Suspense lyrics that are worth being interpreted and a Film Noire - like filmic atmosphere will take you on a journey from which you might never come back. Unusual and provokingly exciting sound structures in combination with an extraordinary voice let you experience a more than demanding mind trip. Prepare to get lost...
Referring the title of the album, the vocalist Karen King said: "I like to imagine that sometimes you could have the option of taking words back as you hear yourself speak them; to say, "I am" and then take it back. Am I?"

track list:
01. IAMAI / 02. Picking up Stones / 03. For No One but Me / 04. Breathing Room / 05. Dolls / 06. Coming up for Air / 07. Burn Awake / 08. Cut / 09. The Wound / 10. Tautology / 11. Secret
+ videos: 01. IAMAI / 02. For No One but Me / 03. Cut


CD Feindflug "Volk und Armee..."
(Black Rain / BR 026)

We`ve finally made it! Three years after their last album "Hirnschlacht", the new FEINDFLUG epos "Volk und Armee" (engl.= "Nation and Army...") is released. Many tried to copy the sound of FEINDFLUG, but never ever reached it - and now FEINDFLUG return with their unique aggressive Electro-Industrial! 13 new overwhelming tracks featuring one bonus track. Hard, provoking, uncompromising and thematically displeasing!
60 years after the end of World War II in Europe and Asia, Feindflug seriously pick up the motifs of doom, destruction and capitulation and handle them in their own two edged way. So the album "Volk und Arme" is to be seen as the thematic bridge to the first FEINDFLUG album "Feindflug [4.V.]". You know, as always: Use your brain and think about it!
The first edition comes up as an completely black CD with a noble 8 page Digipak!

track list:
01. Einmarsch / 02. Standgericht / 03. AK 47 / 04. Truppenschau / 05. Feuerpause / 06. Schmerzgrenze / 07. Tauchfahrt / 08. Feindbild / 09. Sperrfeuer / 10. Leere Gräben / 11. Ätherkrieg / 12. Gulag / 13. Neue Sieger + bonus track: 14. TSFKS [feat. Bluthund]


CD Vigilante "The Heroes\' Code"
(Black Rain / BR 025)

Vigilante from Chile offers danceable and hard EBM in the same class as Hocico, Feindflug or the most electronic Die Krupps tracks. The incredibly dense and always danceable electro-hymns on \'The Heroes\' Code\' are predestined for frequent heavy club play! Formed 5 years ago in a country that - so far - was not very famous for harsh EBM Electro, Vigilante had in mind to conquer Europe with their sound straight from the beginning. Jürgen Engler (of Die Krupps) said about Vigilante: "On the dancefloors Vigilante will be a serious threat to even the biggest names in Industrial music, with their enormous grooves and heartfelt lyrics. This album is a powerful statement!" Expect nothing less than the most powerful electro sound you can imagine!

track list:
01. Intro (The heroes\' code) / 02. Survive / 03. The Other Side / 04. One Good Reason / 05. Lack of Faith / 06. Still Alive / 07. Answers / 08. Humanity / 09. Before / 10. Freedom / 11. The Other Side (Lamia mix) + MPEG-video clip "One Good Reason"


DVD V.A. "Different"
(Black Rain / Noitekk - BR 024 / NTK 019)

Absolutely incredible! This gorgeous DVD, including a tremendous track list of 17 (live) videos, 17 galleries with background music and 4 bonus specials, impressively represents a big part of work of our four labels Black Rain / NoiTekk / Ars Musica Diffundére / Funkwelten. Since these labels have started their work with newcomers, both bands and labels have to be considered now as some of the most innovative ones in the genre of electronic and acoustic music. Not giving in to mainstream and uniformity of the music scene, our labels have always been devoted to creativity and innovation. In addition to some artists\' regular videos especially the live-takes of our last year`s jubilee tour "5 years of Black Rain + 3 years of NoiTekk" will draw your attention.
As a special bonus the DVD contains two Easter-eggs that were filmed during the stage of programming. If you find these sequences and send us the hidden code shown there you will have the chance to win a T-Shirt or a CD.
Available in PAL and NTSC!

track list:
01. AMATEUR GOD "Openmindead"
02. ASLAN FACTION "Death March"
03. CYBORG ATTACK "Cyborg Attack V.2"
04. DAVANTAGE "Texas Dealer"
06. FEINDFLUG "Kalte Unschuld"
07. FLINT GLASS "Closer"
08. GRENDEL "End of Ages"
09. HIOCTAN "Narrow"
11. KUTNA HORA "Hell is a Place on Earth"
12. LAMIA "Peccator"
13. NOVALIS deux "Humans Front"
14. PREDELLA AVANT "Carbon Figures Part III"
15. PSYCLON NINE "Faith:Disease"
16. SUPREME COURT "Satisfy my Needs"
17. TACTICAL SEKT "Burn Process"



CD Kutna Hora "Obsession, Faith, Perseverance"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 010)

After successfully touring through Europe last year and the highly appreciated release of "Will or Nothing", Kutna Hora are going to release their second CD "Obsession, Faith, Perseverance" on Ars Musica Diffundere by the end of April. Melodic DarkFolk at its best, enriched with a dense atmosphere and the melancholy of the singer\'s voice. 13 new songs, also including the two songs "Farlands" and "Stay", that excited audiences throughout their whole tour, will again prove, that Kutna Hora are one of the most gifted and talented AcousticFolk bands. Having improved the recording quality, the band also added some new and interesting elements to their sound in order to intensify this unique experience. Get ready for both emotional and martial songs that invite you to the world of Kutna Hora. First edition comes in an exclusive black digipak!

track list:
01. Our Lady of Sedlec / 02. Day of wrath / 03. Circles / 04. Baguala / 05. If I could ride my horses / 06. The voice of God / 07. Farlands / 08. Empty Room / 09. Stay / 10. Dies Irae / 11. Holy / 12. O.F.P / 13. Last song


CD Supreme Court "Yell it out"
(Black Rain / BR 023)

Kay Härtel, mastermind of davaNtage, presents us with the second Supreme Court release "Yell it Out" an electronic revelation. Whoever likes davaNtage will love Supreme Court, whoever is fond of EBM, Electro and TechNoise will surely be fascinated by Supreme Court. After the first recordings of Supreme Court that resulted in the first tape "Enzyclopädie", "Yell it Out" comes up with some electronic music that will blow away your minds. Perfectly arranged song writing, intelligent sound structuring and a lot of creativity together with Kay Härtels striking vocals create an unique masterpiece that is hardly to be compared with anything heard before. The powerful "Natural Born Victims" will hit all dancefloors, the very intense "Satisfy My Needs" will make you think, and of course, dance. A perfectly produced masterpiece that stands for Supreme Court\'s yell for justice and retribution. Innovative sound for the innovative audience. It\'s different, it\'s better, it\'s the best!

track list:
§ 01 Yell... / § 02 Corroded brains / § 03 Satisfy my needs / § 04 [Trust] in the holy light / § 05 Dreaming reality? / § 06 Mass Media Murder feat. Rexx Arkanna [FGFC820] / § 07 Natural Born Victims / § 08 Next Exit extinction / § 09 A.L.S.-S.L.A. / § 10 Never again / § 11 Terror Chat [sasser mix] feat. Felix [Feindflug] / § 12 ...it out!


CD Novalis deux "Paradise...?"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 009)

Finally the second album by Novalis deux is going to be released. A new highlight in the development of this band resulting in a completely harmonic sound and a voice rich in variation. A CD full of melancholy and hope. An impressive live video proves the band to be able to create these moods also on stage.

track list:
01. Part I / 02. Last Summers Rose / 03. Where Is The Paradise / 04. Never Ending Lie / 05. When Darkness Falls / 06. Humans Front / 07. In Her Arms / 08. Suddenly / 09. Jonas / 10. September Day / 11. Wild Horses / 12. Part II
+ MPEG video "Of The Golden Future Time"


CD Violent Entity "Mechanized Division"
(Black Rain / BR 022)

Violent Entity is a one-man project from the States, which beats you up with powerful Old School EBM. This CD "pushes and punches" you to your limits. A new revelation among the whole Old School EBM revival that does not have to hide behind acts like Spetsnaz and Cyborg Attack but adds an own sound and own vocals to this movement. Previews can be found in our mp3 section.

track list:
01. Cold as Ice / 02. Dark Reality / 03. Mechanized Division / 04. Select the Victim / 05. Meet your Demise / 06. Embrace my hate / 07. In This Darkness / 08. Falling Victim / 09. In the Beginning / 10. Cryogen (Mix by Batterycage) / 11. Dark Reality (Supreme Court remix)


CD Amateur God "Around the corners of our Minds"
(Black Rain / BR 021)

The new discovery from Slovenia. Outstanding Dark-Electro! Whoever can imagine Electro with a touch of Björk, Nine Inch Nails or The Cranes should have a listen to this CD. Unusual sounds and structures and an unique female singer come together to from an outstanding symbiosis. Including a demanding video track for PC.

track list:
01. Phobos - Distorted Memory / 02. Openmindead / 03. Dans mes mains / 04. Dreams of Immortality Pt.I / 05. Longing for me / 06. Forgotten and Forlorn Pt. I / 07. Dreams of Immortality Pt. II / 08. Army of Optimists / 09. Forgotten and Forlorn Pt. I / 10. White Kites, Black Sky (a. Darkest Clouds, b. My only Enemy, c. Kites) / 11. The Gap / 12. The sun spit out another day / 13. Deimos/Stormy Day / 14. Openmindead (Audioworx remix)


12" Picture Vinyl Feindflug "Kollaboration"
(Black Rain / BR 020) - SOLD OUT!

The cult release by Feindflug with seltom remixes and a new track. Exclusivly released during the 5 years of Black Rain festival tour in August 2004.

Two editions:
- edition of 555 limited copies (handnumbered)
- "Band Edition" limited to 55 copies (only reserved to participated bands/helping hands).

side A:
1. Kopfschuss [rmx by Killing Ophelia]
2. Leitbild [rmx by Ivy Cyclone]
3. Selbstsucht [Judgement Day mix by Jesus and the Gurus]
4. Geständnis [rmx by I.P.X.]
5. Feindflug [rmx by Feindflug]

side B:
1. Roter Schnee [rmx by davaNtage]
2. Faustrecht [rmx by Polarlicht 4.1]
3. Tötungsmaschine Mensch [Dead Man Dancing rmx by Tactical Sekt]
4. Schmerzgrenze [rmx by Feindflug]
5. Leitbild [Speed Mix by Feindflug / 1997]


CD-EP davaNtage "Unholy"
(Black Rain / BR 019)

The new EP by davaNtage comes up with more than 60 minutes of aggressive sound material, packed in seven electro hymns only available on "Unholy", including a cover version of the Skeptiker`s GDR punk classic "Ja Ja Ja" and remixes of Suicide Commando, Soman, Solitary Experiments and Supreme Court.

track list:
01. No longer Worship / 02. Unholy / 03. T.C.A. / 04. davaNtage trois / 05. Quite Ecstatic / 06. JaJaJa / 07. Far from Summer / 08. Unholy [remix by Suicide Commando] / 09. Global Badlands [remix by Solitary Experiments] / 10. T.C.A. [remix by Soman] / 11. Unholy [remix by Supreme Court]


CD Predella Avant "Carbon Figures"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 008)

After more than a year, the second CD of this Monumental/Orchestral/Ambient will be released. Open minded for new influences, Predella Avant know how not to copy the first CD but to add a new chapter in Predella Avant\'s history. An impressive masterpiece of work in mixing Ambient with monumental sounds, 11 new tracks, which are hardly comparable to something already known. Released in an exclusive 3Pac with an eight-page-booklet.

track list:
Part I - Part XI


DCD davaNtage "Broken Influences & Remnant"
(Black Rain / BR 018)

Finally the debut of the Chemnitz electro formation is available again. The CD, that could take a lot of fans\' hearts by storm comes up with skillfully performed electro and a huge variety of facets. Including a Feindflug remix of "Decadence". The second CD "Remnant" includes tracks of the early tape / CD-R "Further Process" and "Mental Destruction" in addition to two previously unreleased tracks!

track list:
CD-1 ("Broken Influences"): 01. Faceless Faker / 02. Target / 03. Slaves / 04. Decadence [Feindflug remix] / 05. Faith / 06. American Resistance / 07. Dying Sphere / 08. The Death of Thule / 09. The Passenger / 10. Middling / 11. Winterdogs / 12. Deceit

CD-2 ("Remnant"): 01. After Years / 02. Outer Limits / 03. Dead Sky / 04. Isolation / 05. R.I.P / 06. Mental Destruction / 07. Destruction / 08. Naked / 09. Dead end Church / 10. Murder (instr.Version) / 11. Endangerd Species


CD Lamia "Dark Angel"
(Black Rain / BR 017)

Can\'t wait for a new musical impression? Lamia is a very original electro project from Argentina. The two of Lamia, a great pianist and a soprano present you an incredible sound experience in the vein of Die Form, Qntal and Feindflug. The symbiosis of intense and danceable bass lines and the soprano`s voice create an astonishingly beautiful and harmonious but powerful piece of music. To be checked out!

track list:
01. Prelude in Ci.Bwv 846 (J.S. Bach) / 02. Dark Angel / 03. You\'ll die / 04. Dunkel Leben / 05. Prelude N* 4 in Em (F. Chopin) / 06. Agnus Dei / 07. Deep Hurt / 08. O Domine Jesu Christe / 09. Der Dämon / 10. Peccator / 11. Prelude N* 20 in C. (F. Chopin) / 12. You\'ll die (Instrumental Mix) / 13. Dark Angel (Psycho Mix)


CD Kutna Hora "Will or Nothing"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 007)

Rising from the ashes the new discovery Kutna Hora, a band from Argentina, deliver a CD somewhere between DarkFolk and DarkWave. An impressive, melancholic and deep trip illustrating the pain of the will of spirit. An unique and convincing album which will satisfy you with its incredibly emotional density. Quite comparable to bands like In My Rosary or Novalis. The new discovery from Argentina.

track list:
01. Kutna Hora / 02. Hell is a place on earth / 03. Why we cried / 04. Love / 05. (Everything have) Two side / 06. The fog / 07. Wildes Heer / 08. Crazy Man Michael / 09. Friend / 10. Oratorium / 11. This is disease / 12. A song from the highest tower / 13. San Miguel Arcangel


MCD Feindflug "I./St.G.3 [Phase 2]"
(Black Rain / BR 016)

Re-release of the very much sought after first Feindflug MCD from 1998. Allready for years Feindflug is regarded as the ultimate Electro-Industrial project. The CD comes in a new design + 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks and a running time of around 30 minutes.

track list:
01. Im Auftrag der Ehre / 02. NSD (Vollversion ´97) / 03. Leitbild / 04. Lagerhaft / 05. Kahle Bedrohung / 06. Outro (´96)


CD Killing Ophelia "Last Vision"
(Black Rain / BR 015)

The first album of the side project of Lee Lauer (Aslan Faction) and Karen King, famous for her voice in Aslan Faction\'s hit "Bring on the Dying". Powerful electronic sounds packed with a huge variety of inspiration and surprising structures, throughout accompanied by amazing female vocals. Twelve tracks which will thrill you with their intelligent changes and arrangements.

track list:
01. Apprehension (1:44) / 02. 10:06 / 03. Of Your Own Making / 04. In With The Lights Out / 05. Fear Of The Dark / 06. Choke / 07. Hyde / 08. Oblivious / 09. Never / 10. Das Spiel / 11. Apprehension / 12. Crossfire 2


CD Predella Avant "Predella Avant"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 006)

Predella Avant - the new orchestral/monumental/ambient project. 10 powerful, impressive tracks, full of energy ...and harmony. The sensation from the Netherlands, in an exclusive 3Pac.

track list:
Part I - Part X


CD V.A. "Stoersequenz"
(Black Rain / NoiTekk - BR 014 / NTK 006)

Exclusive Black Rain / NoiTekk compilation with previously unreleased, exclusive, rare tracks from bands like davaNtage, Feindflug, Grendel, Cyborg Attack, Hioctan, Aslan Faction, Tactical Sekt, Dioxyde, IWR, Necro Facility Solitary Experiments and Side 3, a unique mixture! For the first issue the artwork is printed on special paper with a gimmick inside the clear tray!

track list:
01. DIOXYDE (Spain) "Acto Primero (Lie mix)"
02. TACTICAL SEKT (United Kingdom) "Fleshcoated technology"
03. DAVANTAGE (Germany) "God told me to (Slap mix)"
04. CYBORG ATTACK (Germany) "Blutrausch"
05. FLINT GLASS (France) "Germ code"
06. SIDE 3 (USA) "Broken Line (Confined mix)"
07. GRENDEL (The Netherlands) "No way out"
08. HIOCTAN (Germany) "Shine on me"
09. SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS (Germany) "Terrible reality (Paranoia dream mix)"
10. FEINDFLUG (Germany) "Schweigepflicht"
11. ASLAN FACTION (United Kingdom) "Virtual killers"
12. NECRO FACILITY (Sweden) "Doghouse"
13. IWR (Israell) "Victimized (Demo version)"


CD davaNtage "Global Badlands"
(Black Rain / BR 013)

A sudden storm comes over life! 10 songs about the "badlands" of the 21st century including an interpretation of Ian Curtis\' "From a distance". "Global Badlands" graphicly demonstrates the musical development of this band. A mixture of filigree melodies and pumping EBM, enriched with samples and entirely accompanied by Kay Haertel\'s fantastic voice. While other bands distort their voices beyond recognition, davaNtage come up with an always understandable voice and critical textes, which should also be intelligible! This band has freed itself from the shadows of great examples already long ago and goes straight ahead. Electronic at its purest, powerful, atmospheric and honest. The cover artwork was designed by EchoRausch, which actual deserves a prize in graphics.

track list:
01. Dream of Vegas / 02. Mass X / 03. No Candle-light / 04. From a Distance / 05. Some Kind of a Virus / 06. Global Badlands / 07. Crisis / 08. Coldest Place / 09. Violent Corona / 10. 21 Eradicate


CD Feindflug "Hirnschlacht"
(Black Rain / BR 012)

Nine new songs plus a videoclip of "Roter Schnee". As always Feindflug will remain tough in its thematic processing of problems - direct and above all, double-edged. Don´t forget to turn on your brain every once in a while! Sometimes the truth hurts! Why should we make it easy for you?

track list:
01. Glaubenskrieg / 02. Suchatzki Marsch / 03. Selbstsucht / 04. Blutorgel / 05. Menschenjagd / 06. Kalte Unschuld / 07. Sturmwalze/r / 08. Faustrecht / 09. Kopfschuss (Aeroflot-Mix) + video "Roter Schnee"


Book+CD James BraveWolf & The Days of the Trumpet Call

"Heroes & Traitors" (Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 005)

"Helden & Verräter" (Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 004)

The new book by James Bravewolf! Ten short stories floating over Germany, Bulgaria and the native country of the Apaches accompanied by amazing compositions by The Days of the Trumpet Call and ten impressive graphic arts by David Deinert (a.k.a. Reinlender 1977). A book full of gloom, tension, faith and hope. An admonition to humanity! Available in English and German.


CD Novalis deux "Last Years Calling"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 003)

Now, after the "First Cadence" EP, the first fulltime album of this young WaveFolk band is released. 11 emotional tracks filled with hate, doubts, return, faith and longing. Although each track stands on its own an unique atmosphere throughout the whole cd will take you away. A sensitive, emotional and carefully produced studio work.

track list:
01. Intro / 02. Human / 03. Courage / 04. What If / 05. Of The Golden Future Time / 06. Vom Traum / 07. Hey God / 08. Dying Source / 09. Bloody / 10. Drowning / 11. Soulflight


MCD davaNtage "No Candle Light"
(Black Rain / BR 011)

davaNtage strike back again! This new MCD provides you with a foretaste of the forthcoming album "Global Badlands". Five exclusive tracks and remixes not included on "Global Badlands". Including a guest appearance of Sandro from Cyborg Attack as singer at the track "Switch Off".

track list:
01. No candle light (rmx by Future Trail) / 02. Defense / 03. The Warming / 04. Switch off / 05. Defense (rmx by Future Trail)


CD This Vale of Tears "Exceed"
(Black Rain / BR 010)

The third album by TVOT spoils you with GothicRock that doesn\'t stick to traditional restrictions but is open - minded for any musical influences. This ends up in huge variety of sounds and an amazing volume. Independent. Experimental. Professional!

track list:
01. EXCEED / 02. THE WIND / 03. NO MORE / 04. FLAME / 05. ALONE IN THE SHOWER / 06. SILENCE / 07. IF I DIE (resurrection mix) / 08. MY DISTANCE / 09. HIGHER SPIRITS (flat liner mix) / 10. INSIDE OUT / 11. EXCEED (tva vs. ganesh edit)


10" Picture Vinyl
The Days of the Trumpet Call "I saw no temple in the city"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 002)

Only just two years after their debut "Purification" the new 10" Picture Vinyl "I saw no temple in the city" is released. Mastermind Raymond P. combines Electronic with Neoclassic resulting in a masterpiece limited to 555 copies. Raymond P. uses his music to express his aversion to urban madness and refers to the apocalypse as well: the city of god, where no temple is needed... But regard "city" as a symbol for the excesses of the modern world in all its decadence and moral decay. An indirect resumption of the cycle of the apocalypse.

side A:
01. Oh Trost der Welt / 02. ...I saw no temple in the city / 03. Die Sehnsucht so groß

side B:
04. Oh Tiefe ohne Grund / 05. Bereit zum Fluge in die Sterne / 06. In Demut, In Ewigkeit / 07. Epilog


CD-EP Novalis deux "First Cadence"
(Ars Musica Diffundére / AMD 001)

What about high quality music with an amazing voice and a full and impressive sound? Novalis deux, a new Neofolk band from Germany convinces by their demanding compositions and their emotional way of doing music. 5 tracks, sung in English, result in a highbrow cd with an unique atmosphere. A must have for everyone who is musically minded.

track list:
01. Intro / 02. Kiss The Devil / 03. Godless / 04. Break A Heart / 05. Setting Sun / 06. Golden Wings


CD-EP davaNtage "virus:hate"
(Black Rain / BR 009)

To all appearances davaNtage try to dethrone the old EBM heroes, and the release of this CD will probably manage it!! 48 minutes of perfectly arranged and tremendous electronic sounds. The CD includes four brandnew tracks, a surprising cover version, two exclusive remixes by Lights of Euphoria and EchoRausch and one bonus track. First edition comes up in a smart silver digipak. This is one of 2001´s most interesting cds.

track list:
01. Evening Black / 02. Texas Dealer / 03. Virus:Hate / 04. At the End / 05. Cold / 06. Evening Black [Remixed by Lights of Euphoria] / 07. Dying Sphere [Remixed by echoRausch]


CD-EP Feindflug "Sterbehilfe"
(Black Rain / BR 008)

After running the gauntlet refering to sound editing and graphic arts this cd was released simultaneously with the Feindflug performance at "Wave-Gothic-Treffen" in 2000. You surely will notice the ambiguity of the title of the record because the meaning of "Sterbehilfe EP" is serious and cynical at the same time!! The CD deals with the topic of killing and being killed while the death penalty of our American friends is the thematic center. Two tracks form the junction to the first Feindflug album but also seen from the angle of dying. And as always Feindflug remain straight on collision course with moral standards as their stuff is dynamite due to its equivocal nature. Consider the title "EP" as wrong description for there are 7 tracks and a run of 45 minutes though.

track list:
01. 2000 Volt / 02. Tötungsmaschine Mensch / 03. Erinnerung / 04. Bluthandwerk / 05. B66883 / 06. Vollstreckung / 07. Roter Schnee


CD V.A. "Black Rain Compilation II"
(Black Rain / BR 007)

With this second sampler we follow our concept to support regional acts as well as we violate it at the same time. Besides regional east german acts like Feindflug and davaNtage there are international bands like Flesh Field (North America) and Ecodalia (Spain). Enjoy the huge variety of electronic sounds and get lost in astonishing masterpieces of creativity.

track list:
01. davaNtage "Decadence" (Original-Version)
02. Feindflug "Bluthandwerk"
03. Black Design "Final Day"
04. Accessory "Revolution"
05. Infinite Gloom "Picture of Dread"
06. The Days of the Trumpet Call "Dem Morgen (Andacht)"
07. Staub "The Damned"
08. Ecodalia "Bloodtears"
09. Flesh Field "Heretic"
10. Cyborg Attack "Bitch"
11. Warsaw Pact "Transrapid (live)"
12. DefCon5 "Human (000 time out remix)"
13. For A Space "The phoenix-case"
14. Black Design "Circulus"
15. Shadowland "Sailing away"


CD-EP Warsaw Pact "Six Kicks in Your Heart"
(Black Rain / BR 006)

Are your ears bored with dull Industrial songs that lack of imaginativeness? Industrial / Electro - mastermind "Hammer" delivered a 30 minutes cd that crushes your ears. Both ultra tough live industrial tracks and Electro tracks that have never been released before will please you, and even hardened Cold Meat fans will be addicted to the track "Firedome". Forget boring soundwalls and enjoy the ingenious monotony and minimalistic structures of Warsaw Pact. Back to the Roots of Industrial and Electro!

track list:
01. Damage / 02. Be Yourself (Live) / 03. Playback XIII / 04. Throat of Life / 05. Firedome / 06. Imagi-Nation


CD davaNtage "Broken Influences"
(Black Rain / BR 005)

Twelve tracks full of power, emotion, toughness and dynamics create a level of EBM quality that has hardly been reached before. After three strictly limited cds produced by davaNtage itself this is the fourth album that surprises with profound lyrics and even deeper electronic sound walls. DavaNtage even leaves the big acts of the electro scene behind! You definitely have to give a listen to "Passenger", "Target" and the great Feindflug remix of "Decadence"...

track list:
01. Faceless Faker / 02. Target / 03. Slaves / 04. Decadence [Feindflug remix] / 05. Faith / 06. American Resistance / 07. Dying Sphere / 08. The Death of Thule / 09. The Passenger / 10. Middling / 11. Winterdogs / 12. Deceit


CD The Days of the Trumpet Call "Purification"
(Black Rain / BR 004)

Whoever has already enjoyed TDOTTC\'s brillant track which was presented on the "Nightingale Compilation" will be very interested in this: electronically influenced Neoclassic comes along with powerful percussions. As you can assume from the title of this cd, the topic of the apocalypse is turned into a landmark of music. Performing the apocalypse has never been more artistically before.

track list:
01. Verlorenes Ich / 02. Ferne / 03. Prayer / 04. Mourning Song (for my generation) / 05. Where are you making for / 06. A Dream / 07. Lux Aeterna / 08. Awakening / 09. Und es wird keine Nacht mehr sein / 10. Agnus Dei (The Victory of the Lamb) / 11. Purification


MCD Feindflug "Im Visier"
(Black Rain / BR 003)

Released in November 1999 this CD is unofficially dedicated to Prof. Hugo Junkers and bridges the thematical gap between the debut and "Sterbehilfe EP". Besides "Stukas im Visier" original version and as an adaption by davaNtage it comes up with two and a half new tracks. Contrary to the hostility towards this project, "Im Visier" came eleventh in the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

track list:
01. Würdelos / 02. In Gefangenschaft / 03. [Stukas] im Visier / 04. Stromtod / 05. Stukas im Visier (Interference by davaNtage)


MCD Feindflug "Im Visier" [lim.99]
(Black Rain / BR 003-SoEd)

Special limited edition of the MCD "Im Visier". Comes up in an exclusive black carton with silver writing plus extra four-page booklet.


BOX Feindflug I & II

Limited to 33 and 44 copies! The CD "Feindflug [Vierte Version]" is included in both of the two limited Feindflug Boxes as "Grey Edition" and a remaining edition of 20 copies is in circulation additionally....

Box I: "Grey Edition", T-Shirt, a button to be sewed on to the back, sticker, English camouflage pen, MG cartridge (highgrade steel), all this in a used ammunition box (metal), limited to 33 copies.

Box II: same like Box I, but with a small button and without camouflage pen and cartridge, limited to 44 copies.

Both were released on August 11th in 1999 (solar eclipse).


CD V.A. "Black Rain Compilation
- A Collection of Underground Tracks"
(Black Rain / BR 002)

Concerning the true sense of underground, "Black Rain Compilation" comes up with high quality tracks by bands from the "Chemnitz" region, who are not that famous in our country. In the meantime most of these bands have signed contracts with several record companies and have already released one ore more cds. Afterwards this fact certifies the quality and exclusiveness of our sampler.

track list:
01. Silent Pain "Last Moon. Part II"
02. davaNtage "Dead Sky (last strike mix)"
03. Infinite Gloom "Your return"
04. Feindflug "Störfaktor"
05. Warsaw Pact "Departure"
06. Accessory "War of Emotions (Remixed by Feindflug)"
07. Hide in Excuses "Love"
08. For a Space "Holoism"
09. Cyborg Attack "Warrior"
10. Mainform "Unbelieve"
11. Infinite Gloom "Chapel on Sea"


CD Feindflug "Feindflug [4.V.]"
(Black Rain / BR 001)

Due to several problems of our cd pressing plant with the producer of the digipak the re-release of the 1997 Feindflug cd was not released until five weeks after the "Wave-Gothic-Treffen" in 1999. The re-release of the complete work was really compelling, because the project Feindflug extremely came under fire. And this is quite astonishing because most of these people have hardly or never heard something of Feindflug\'s stuff. The rumour factory is kept alive by loads of misleading information and misinterpretations. The lack of quite usual cerebral activities of the majority of our contemporaries is really frightening... The historical and nearly chronological cycle "Feindflug [Vierte Version]" should really be heard as a whole in order to enjoy the closing samples that always have been there. This re-release has consciously been published by Black Rain, although there have been many other offers; otherwise it would have been impossible to use the 95%-original, eight-page booklet. But this would have been contradictory to the symbiosis of music, song titles, samples and pictures, and the members of the project could not have accepted this. Compared to the first three limited editions (30+30+100) "Feindflug [Vierte Version]" comes up with two new tracks in exchange.

track list:
01. Intro / 02. Feindflug / 03. Alptraum / 04. Machtwechsel / 05. Leitbild / 06. Lagerhaft / 07. Grössenwahn / 08. Foltersequenz / 09. Stukas im Visier / 10. Geständnis / 11. Kahle Bedrohung / 12. Vergeltung


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