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CD "Das Spiel"

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Label: Drakkar

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Their debut from August 1999. Don`t ask me why, but after the success of Corvus Corax, Merlons and In Extremo, there is a new medieval/classic folk with heavy guitars-group every week in Germany. LETZTE INSTANZ is the latest discovery but contrary to bands like In Extremo, they are mainly using Violins and Cello for their sound. Some hard guitar riffs (Zarter Engel) or even soft breakbeats (Opus No. 1) add a harder edge to the unique sound of this act and... IT WORKS! The band even included a very original and GREAT coverversion of the Camouflage-classic Love is a shield

01. Intro, 02. Das Spiel beginnt, 03. Für immer & ewig, 04. Zarter Engel, 05. Medusa, 06. Singt Halleluja, 07. Love is a shield, 08. Schrei der Wale, 09. Rapunzel, 10. Gebranntes Kind, 11. Das ist der Tag, 12. Opus (No. I), 13. Satyr, 14. Mondfahrt, 15. Das Spiel

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