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CD "The Sick Generation"

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Label: Hymen

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harles pierce strikes again. this album goes far beyond his previous full length release 'the sounds of disaster', adding fresh remixer`s blood and exciting stylistic variations to end's remember-the-sixties-easy-listening-electrock'n'roll-bastardazation. a marvellous aural rollercoaster ride of twanging guitars, scratches, soul horn blasts, surf sound, hecq, the trashmen, clicks, orchestral strings, cuts, breakcore, a progressive rock organ, heavy john-bonham-like drums, rap vocals, mad ep, a sitar, ambient synth strikes, donna summer, reggae beats, duran duran duran, shredded vocals, a wah-wah trumpet, drop the lime, swans, a canned foetus, the real one and only foetus himself and a knife for mrs. miller in nearly sixty minutes! just imagine the great russ meyer (if he was still with us) planning a new masterpiece by the name of 'the sick,generation': this might be the soundtrack. 'bang bang boom boom!'.,packaging: digipak cd.

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