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CD "Revelate"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175145
Label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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“Revelate” is the full-length from Texas harsh-EBM outfit SIN DNA – whose awesome album-length EP “Afterlife” was released last autumn, and is now almost sold out of its initial digipak limited edition. Illustrated like “Afterlife” by Nathan Winter of Industriarts (FGFC820, UBERBYTE, DIE SEKTOR) “Revelate” is a feast of 11 high-energy dance tracks and the slower brooding “Time Passed” – plus a bonus section of remixes crafted by KRIMINAL MINDS, DETROIT DIESEL and DIE SEKTOR. Expectations for this album were set high by “Afterlife” – and the Brownsville-based duo of Mario Carrasco and Sergio Ramirez have not disappointed. Already riding high on a formidable live reputation forged over many years opening for the likes of HOCICO, DAWN OF ASHES, NACHTMAHR, FGFC820, LEAETHER STRIP, DISTORTED MEMORY, DIE SEKTOR, ALIEN VAMPIRES, AMDUSCIA etc – and recently confirmed as main support for SUICIDE COMMANDO’s date in Denver this October – here at long last is the fearsome first album that SIN DNA’s fanbase have been eagerly anticipating. Mastered like “Afterlife” by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN), “Revelate” has the massive bass-heavy club-sound of a seasoned major band, that belies SIN DNA’s “technical status” as “newcomers”. Not only do they know very well what they are doing, they do it very well – crushingly so, in fact. This is harsh-EBM - as witnessed by the vocals – but melodic and commercially accessible. Already at work on new tracks and numerous remixes, SIN DNA is one of the American underground’s best-kept secrets and THE new face to watch out for at the harsh end of the dark electro scene. An earworm from the heart of Texas, for fans of TACTICAL SEKT, HOCICO, DETROIT DIESEL or C-LEKKTOR.

01. Dying World, 02. Reverence In Punishment, 03. Hate Is The Law, 04. Conquest And Defeat, 05. Up Evil, 06. Doomsday Requiem, 07. Son Of Perdition, 08. Thorns For Misery, 09. Become Chaos, 10. Broken Fate, 11. Time Passed, 12. Machine Devil, Exclusive Bonus Tracks: 13. Hate Is The Law (KRIMINAL MINDS Remix), 14. Up Evil (DETROIT DIESEL Remix), 15. Hate Is The Law (DIE SEKTOR Remix)

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