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Be My Enemy

DCD "This Is The New Wave [Japanese Limited Edition]"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175101
Label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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It is now little over 18 months since Phil Barry dropped the bomb of his solo project BE MY ENEMY’s debut album “This Is The New Wave”. A finely-crafted slab of bleeping basslines, ravey synth leads and furious guitar riffs, “This Is The New Wave” was everything one might have expected from the former CUBANATE guitarist and more – with the unexpected addition of his own sneering lead vocals. Since then, Phil has periodically revisited almost every track, twisting it into some strange and wonderful new direction. With BE MY ENEMY about to make their live debut at the 2012 Resistanz Festival, the time has come for us to proudly unleash this formidable array of self-remixes – augmented by 2 from DIE SEKTOR and DIGICORE – in the shape of digital album and an all-new expanded Japanese 2CD Limited Edition of “This Is The New Wave”. CD2 “This Is Not The New Wave” comprises of 12 new remixes, in a variety of styles, plus the all-new and previously unreleased instrumental piece “Automaton” – transforming the already-blistering 10-track “This Is The New Wave” into a 23-track behemoth of primal techno-metal energy. Mastered once more by Jan L of NOISUF-X/X-FUSION, with artwork specially re-crafted from his own original designs by Vlad McNeally, “This Is The New Wave – Japanese 2CD Limited Edition” is the ultimate collector’s edition of this already-classic album – strictly limited to 200 copies only in 6-panel digifile!

CD1 (This Is The New Wave): 01. The New Wave, 02. Helter Skelter, 03. Break Your Body, 04. Death Drive, 05. Disintegration, 06. Wasted Life, 07. All American Psycho, 08. Start The Revolution, 09. Ghost In The Machine, 10. HAARP / CD2 (This Is Not The New Wave): 01. Ghost In The Machine (Alternative Mix), 02. Death Drive (DIE SEKTOR Remix), 03. Disintegration v2.2, 04. All American Psycho - End Titles, 05. HAARP (Burning Mix), 06. Helter Skelter (DIGICORE Remix), 07. The New Wave (Club Mix), 08. Automaton, 09. A Wasted Remix, 10. Revolution 101, 11. The New Wave (Not A Slave Mix), 12. Break Your Body Again, 13. Helter Skelter (Phil’s Sun Machine Mix)

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