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CD "Rewind 10x"

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A decade seems like an eternity when it is ahead of you. In hindsight it shrinks to a blur of activity, glory and heart ache. C-Lekktor has used their time well. Crawling out of the obscurity of a drug war ravaged country, they possessed an urgency and hunger that made them an irresistible force. It is not an easy feat for any band to break out of the confinements of their mother country, but C-lekktor conquered the world with vengeance: Russia, UK, USA, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Peru,… you get the idea. This is a hard working band, taking up any opportunity to spread their message with hard beats, punishing synth lines and blistering vocal's. All driven by the relentless energy of Marko, the charismatic front man of this exceptional outfit. So it's time to celebrate, and what better than to invite all your friends to create a unique birthday present for yourself! "Rewind 10x" give you a lineup of remixers that reads like a who is who of this very specific niche of awesome: starting with the godfather himself [Suicide Commando] moving on to long time collaborator and producer of the band X-Fusion. And than they just keep coming: XP8, Cenobita, Shiv-r, Accessory, iVardensphere, Die Braut, Centhron, Nolongerhuman, BlakOPz, Chainreactor. "Rewind 10x" clocks in 79 minutes of stomping, harsh electro that leaves nothing to be desired.

01. Solo en la oscuridad (Suicide Commando remix), 02. Sick Of You (X-FUSION remix), 03. In Memoriam (XP8 remix), 04. Pecados (Guilty version) feat: Cenobita, 05. Paralisis (Shiv-r remix), 06. El comienzo de la muerte (Accessory remix), 07. World Of Fantasy (iVardensphere remix), 08. An Empty Soul (GINGER SNAP5 remix), 09. Silence Remains (Lullaby version), 10. Refusing The Paradise (Die Braut remix), 11. Despues del apocalipsis (Centhron remix), 12. No Time (D-monikk versión) feat: God Destruction, 13. We Are Already Dead (Nolongerhuman remix), 14. Juicio Final (BlakOPz remix), 15. Welcome To My World (Chainreactor remix), 16. Stigmata (Heresy version)

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