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18 Summers

CD "The Magic Circus"

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label: Synthethic Symphony

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After years of silence, 18 SUMMERS now return with a new album – and THE MAGIC CIRCUS sounds, not least owing to producer Roman Schoensee, very splendid, highly fresh, relevant and without any camouflage. 18 SUMMERS presents themselves and their own sound with the potential of longings, slightly lighter tones in shades, and as a mixture of various origins and influences. Every song has own characteristics, sounding own paradigms and has a kind of an acoustic short movie full of hidden ambiguities. This new album embodies all facets and needs of imagination, and is their evidence to handle musical intensity, expressivity and catchiness to a common denominator, that make us believe we would have found the soundtrack of the lowbrow art movement. THE MAGIC CIRCUS is their admonition that no one is grown up to be no more happy like a child.

01. Intro, 02. Chippewa Lake Park, 03. Deep in Your Heart, 04. Underworld, 05. Dream Machine, 06. The Strange Fruit, 07. Beautiful Day, 08. Radio S.A.T.A.N., 09. The Magic Circus, 10. Queen for a Day, 11. The Funeral, 12. Secretly 13 Outro

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