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16 Volt

CD "American Porn Songs"

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label: Metropolis

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Since the early nineties, 16Volt’s Eric Powell has been one of the leading influences in the American industrial rock scene. After the dust settled from 2006’s brilliant FullBlackHabit, Powell returned to the studio to begin work on the next masterpiece. The result, An even more refined, slightly more aggresive album titled AmericanPornSongs. The epic creation, features guest appearances by Tim Skold (Marylin Manson, KMFDM, Skold), Steve Pig (KMFDM, Pig), Joseph Bishara (Danzig, Rasputina), and many more!

01. Alkali, 02. Enjoy The Pain, 03. With Fire And Burning, 04. American Porn Song, 05. Blessed, 06. To hell, 07. It All Turns bad, 08. Blackbird, 09. The Lord Doesn’t Want Her, 10. Become Your None, 11. Can You Find God?, 12. Orange Insect, 13. Useless People, 14. Somebody To Hate, 15. American Bomb Song

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