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Gerald, the founder of the label group, has been part of the so called gothic scene since 1988, and from 1994 on he did some management for several bands and organised two festivals. From 1997 - 1999 he was editor of the fanzine Rebell!! and did some DJ jobs. Since Gerald had been unsatisfied with the local alternative music scene, he founded BLACK RAIN RECORDS in 1998/99. He does not consider this label as a pure production plant but as a platform for artists who are worth it to be published for an interested audience. In contrast to other labels it is not our aim to set up contracts in order to restrict and limit the artists creative freedom to a minimum.

In the year 2000, our sub-label NOITEKK was founded. It is home of great Electro acts like Tactical Sekt, FGFC820, V2A, Die Sektor, Life Cried, Distorted Memory, Panic Lift, Aslan Faction and many more. In 2001, ARS MUSICA DIFFUNDERE was founded, being home for bands like Novalis deux, Kutna Hora, Narsilion, Predella Avant and more. FUNKWELTEN, our label for experimental and chill-out sounds was raised in 2003. Here you can find acts like Flint Glass, Oil 10, OTX, For a Space, Polyspace and more.

By beginning of the year 2008, we reintegrated our label FIREZONE RECORDS, founded in 2004. Being the home of great bands like Onyx Eyes, Prospective and Die Perlen, it is going to present another facette of alternative music.

We definitely only release music for quality and cultural reasons and we do not care about any political or religious matters. This results in the fact that we only distribute bands and projects of which musical quality we are really convinced of. We always have worked with newcomers, because for us it does not matter if a band is famous or not. And this will not change in the future. Our slogan: quality not quantity. With this slogan we cover the whole variety of DarkWave, Industrial, Electro, NeoFolk, NeoClassic, Experimental, Ambient and Gothic.

The name Black Rain is not to be seen as the use of the two words "black" and "rain" in a trivial sense but more as a metaphor. A black and strange rain, which pierces through everything and everyone, and nobody can escape its influences...

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